CIBA's mission is to help students and faculty from Binghamton University connect to business and market trends from the regional to the global level, and provide the means for the enhanced engagement of the University and regional communities in the global economy. CIBA will seek to become a vital link between education and the regional and global economy by equipping Binghamton University's learning community and the local business community in the Southern Tier, NY region to succeed at the intersection of local regional specifics and the global marketplace.


  1. CIBA will seek to become the internationalization incubator for the small business community in the region. For many small businesses, there is the desire to be engaged in the global economy, but it is often accompanied by lack of information and difficulties with overcoming the barriers to foreign entry. CIBA will develop practical approaches to increase their global awareness and capacity to engage in the global economy.
  2. CIBA will aim to become a facilitator of foreign direct investment to the region. It will generate research and benchmarking analysis on the policy and institutional incentives for targeting and attracting those types of foreign direct investment that would be mostly aligned with the strategic objectives of the region for economic revitalization.
  3. CIBA will seek to grow into the preeminent Center for international business education within the SUNY system. Through its applied research and educational programs on international trade and investment CIBA will offer hands-on opportunities for students to learn about global business and develop professional skills with a global perspective.
  4. CIBA' ultimate goal is to be a capacity-building agent for local economic development through internationalization. It will facilitate the transformation of global connections, inflows of targeted foreign direct investment and local business internationalization activities into economic development opportunities for the communities of the Southern Tier, NY region.


CIBA will achieve its mission and goals through:

  1. a distinctive body of knowledge on the global economy, international business strategies, and foreign investment policies of regional and national governments around the world;
  2. a regional, national and global network of business, government and academic elites; and
  3. the development of experiential courses, workshops and programs that will link the academic community with the business and policy communities in the region and that will engage students in global-oriented research and practical experience.

Last Updated: 8/16/16