The following forms should be useful to you as you pursue courses through the Center for Innovative and Continuing Education. Some forms and applications are online while others are .pdfs that require downloading (you’ll need free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open these files).

Financial Aid (Read This First!)


To apply as...

 To apply as an undergraduate non-matriculated student, please submit the following forms:

If you have a bachelors degree and want undergraduate courses, apply as a non-matriculated graduate student.

    1. Non-Degree/Non-Matriculated Student Application
    2. Health Forms (For information about health forms, please visit the Decker Student Health Services Center webpage for new students). See the section, "Things You Need To Do Before You Can Register". 
    3. New York State Residency Status Online Application


To apply as a graduate non-degree student:

Follow the Graduate School's instructions for submitting a non-degree application. You may also wish to review the graduate non-degree applicant overview and qualifications.

If you choose to take undergraduate courses, please note that undergraduate coursework taken while a student is enrolled as a graduate student will show on a graduate transcript.  However, it will carry no grade points and will not count in a graduate GPA, nor will it count toward the completion of a graduate degree. Credit hours and the quality of work are indicated, but the letter grade is preceded by a "0".

Non-degree credit limits and transferring credits: Non-degree graduate students may take up to 12 credits total, though some academic departments and schools limit that number further. Any credits taken beyond the 12-credit limits as a non-degree student will not be counted toward earning a degree, should you later matriculate into a graduate degree program. Any credits taken beyond 8 will not be counted toward earning a certificate, should you later gain admission to a certificate program. View the Graduate School Manual for details.


To apply as a College Link student:

*Allow sufficient time for documentation of registration if seeking approval of reduced high school load


To apply as an Older Adult Auditor:

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