Center for Learning and Teaching

Syllabus Design

Past Event - What's in Your Syllabus?

November 6, 2015

How can you create an effective syllabus that students will refer to throughout the semester? A learning-centered syllabus communicates course goals and objectives, expectations, and evaluation criteria. The Center for Learning and Teaching invites you to an interactive session where participants will explore sample syllabi and discuss the questions that shape an effective course, including how to develop course objectives, organize course content, design appropriate learning activities, and successful assessment and evaluation.

Shared Syllabus Resource Folder

The CLT promotes a student-centered syllabus design, assisting faculty in moving from from thinking of syllabus creation as "what do I have to include?" to "what do the students need to be successful in this course?"

Using a syllabus template and checklist, our instructional designers work with instructors to modify their syllabi to meet the following goals:

  • encouraging students to read and use the syllabus
  • focusing on essential content and relevant activities
  • improving daily effectiveness in the classroom
  • anticipating student questions and issues
  • spurring student engagement and involvement

Last Updated: 4/4/17