Randall Souza

Randall Souza

Visiting Assistant Professor, Greek and Roman Archaeology and Latin Language

Area Supervisor, Contrada Agnese Project, American Excavations at Morgantina (Sicily)

Contact Information

Office:  LT 1104      Email:  rsouza@binghamton.edu

Research Interests

My interest in the ancient Mediterranean centers on questions of community, mobility, and everyday practices and experiences. I was initially drawn to Sicily because of the island's complex history and dynamic combinations of different populations, and my current research project seeks to explain the growth of a Sicilian identity out of this turbulent mix. Fieldwork at the Sicilian city of Morgantina has proven particularly valuable since the site preserves some of the best evidence for a transition in occupation between different ethnic groups. My other interests include Greek and Latin epigraphy, social history, diplomacy in the Mediterranean, and archaeological theory.

Education & Awards

Ph.D. (2014), Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology, University of California, Berkeley

Recent Publications

Walthall, D.A., Souza, R., Benton, J., and Huemoeller, J.F. (2014). Preliminary Report on the 2013 Field Season of the American Excavations at Morgantina: Contrada Agnese Project (CAP). FOLD&R, 322.

Kaye, N. and Souza, R. (2013) [2014]. New Readings of the Decree for Asklepides Son of Theophilos from Kadıköy (SE Lydia). Epigraphica Anatolica, 46, 91-100.

Recent Papers

"Divine Supervision Required: Protecting the Loom in Classical and Hellenistic Sicily," Archaeological Institute of America Pittsburgh Society (University of Pittsburgh, March 30, 2015)

"The Mobility of Potential Citizens: New Perspectives on the Roman Settlement of Italy," Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting (New Orleans, January 9 2015)

"Contracts on lead: names and civic subdivisions at Hellenistic Camarina and Morgantina," Epigraphy Workshop (UC Berkeley, April 29, 2014)

Teaching Interests and Current Courses Taught

Greek history and archaeology, Roman history and archaeology, Mediterranean history and archaeology, Greek and Latin language and literature

Elementary Latin I (LAT 101), Fall 2015; Eternal Cities: Rome and Pompeii (CLAS 280R), Fall 2015

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