Your questions answered

Your questions answered

The questions and answers below are in reference to Spring Commencement unless otherwise noted.

Q: I am a student in Harpur. I don't know which ceremony I should attend. Is there a place where I can look it up?

A: By using the first part of the Commencement Participation Form, you can enter your degree level, school and major and the appropriate ceremony will be displayed. You can then go on to register for the ceremony.

Q: I will receive a PhD from the Economics Department. Does this mean my ceremony is on Friday or with a Harpur College ceremony on Sunday?

A: The answer is both. A hooding ceremony for doctoral candidates will take place on Friday afternoon. Then, if you so choose, you may attend the Harpur College Division of Social Sciences ceremony on Sunday. You will be recognized individually at both ceremonies, but you will only be hooded and accompanied by your faculty advisor at the doctoral hooding ceremony.

If you are a doctoral candidate in any division of Harpur College or one of the professional schools, you will be hooded at the Friday ceremony, but are welcome to attend the ceremony specific to your division or school for recognition if you wish.

Q: I will receive my bachelor's degree in nursing this semester. I already have a PhD in another discipline. Can I wear my PhD cap and gown?

A: Each candidate marches in regalia (including headwear) appropriate to the degree he or she is about to receive, regardless of previously attained degrees. While candidates with advanced degrees are often reluctant to wear the gown of a lower degree, it is proper to wear the lower-degree regalia.

Q: Will the School of Management graduate ceremony be held along with the undergraduates? Or is the graduate ceremony still on Saturday?

A: There will not be a separate Graduate School ceremony during Commencement weekend. A hooding ceremony for doctoral candidates will take place on Friday afternoon. All masters' students are invited to attend the ceremony for their school or division, along with the undergraduate students. Doctoral candidates have the option to be recognized individually at the combined grad/undergrad school ceremonies, but will only be hooded and accompanied by a faculty advisor at the convocation.

Q: Will all students be in their caps and gowns?

A: At the ceremonies on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, each student will wear a cap and gown and be recognized individually. This model will help us give our graduates the personal attention and recognition they so richly deserve.

Q: I am a psychology and art double major. Which ceremony should I attend?

A: As a student with a major in two different Harpur College divisions, you are eligible to attend either ceremony. The ceremonies will be very similar and the important component — you walking across the stage in your cap and gown — will happen at either ceremony. You are encouraged to pick the ceremony that is most convenient for you and your guests to attend.

Last Updated: 5/12/14