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March 2017 Binghamton Hosts Successful Hackathon
Binghamton's HackBU student group hosted a successful 24-hour hackathon on February 27, 2017, in the ITC Building. 350 students competed for over $1300 in prizes in the 4th annual event.
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November 2016 Researchers Set to Work on Malware-Detecting CPU's
Professors Dmitry Ponomarev and Lei Yu, and former Professor Nael Abu-Ghazaleh (now at UC-Riverside) have received a $275,000 grant to develop malware-detecting CPUs, which would detect anomalies in execution statistics as programs run.
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October 2016 BU Research Team Identifies Important Security Weakness
Researchers describe a weakness in a fundamental security mechanism supported by modern CPU's and utilized by today's most popular operating systems.
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July 2016 PhD Student Zhai Offers Insights About Online Dating Habits
Computer Science PhD student Shuangfei Zhai has helped discover differences in behavior between how men and women use online dating websites. The work has been described in several online articles.
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May 2016 Looking Back
Senior Benny Mei answers some questions about his Binghamton career.
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March 2016 Lake Observer App Draws Attention from White House
Professor Ken Chiu's Lake Observer app has drawn attention from the White House, having been mentioned in the national Water Summit. The app enables citizen scientists to gather and share lake and water quality data.
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Summer 2015 They collaborate to educate
Mother and son turn lessons into apps.
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Summer 2015 Startup can change the way we play music
Fourteen weeks before spring Commencement, Anthony Worm, MS '12, was wrapping up his PhD in computer science while prepping his startup, Zaha, for its first project.
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July 2015 Binghamton Grad. Drew Paroski in "The 'risky bet' that saved Facebook hundreds of millions of dollars"
Facebook went from 175 million users in February 2009 to 300 million in September that same year.
[Business Insider]
March 2015 Expecting hundreds of entries, HackBU moves second annual Hackathon to ITC
In just a few weeks, the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC) will be littered with energy drinks, snack wrappers, power-napping students and hundreds of overlapping laptop chargers.
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March 2015 Sophomore discusses dangers of pornography
Sophomore Jack Fischer discusses "Porn: The New Tobacco" at TEDxBinghamtonUniversity. Fischer was the first undergraduate student to present at the annual event.
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Winter 2014 Taking advantage of Big Data
"We would like to discover or even predict disease outbreaks, predict where they might spread and whether they will become more virulent over time." –Mark Zhang
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Winter 2014 Research lab meets movie studio
Children of Watson faculty learn they don't have to go far for a great education
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Summer 2014 Family affair
Children of Watson faculty learn that they don't have to go far for a great education
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April 2014 Students stay up late, innovate at HackBU Hackathon
A smartwatch app that provides real-time information on Off Campus College Transport. A combination of the Xbox Kinect and the Oculus Rift headset that lets users tinker with mechanical systems in virtual reality.
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March 2014 Computer scientist makes a power play
With support from an NSF CAREER grant, Binghamton researcher Timothy Miller aims to slash the energy used by computing systems. Timothy Miller joins 3 previous awardees, David Liu, Kartik Gopalan, and Michael Lewis.
March 2014 Undergraduate finds niche — as a CEO
The phone is so old-fashioned. So, for that matter, are e-mail and even Facebook. Aleksandar Vukasinovic envisions living in a world of seamless communication.
February 2014 The Case for Heated Runways
The hope is that it will be cheaper to operate over large surfaces than an all-electric system. If it works, "you never have to shut things down theoretically," said William Ziegler, the associate professor running the research.
[The Wall Street Journal]
July 2013 Airport projects featured on Fox News
May 2013 Commencement 2013 profile: Michael Forzano
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