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Student Accomplishments: Archives

Vikram Munishwar wins 2013 Distinguished Dissertation Award

For his paper entitled: CameraNets: Coverage and Coordination Protocols for Smart Camera Networks

Soe Latt Naing is awarded the Gilman Scholarship

Computer Science Student Michael Welte awarded Endicott Interconnect Technologies, Inc. (EI) Scholarship

Congratulations to all Spring 2012 Graduates!

For ceremony information please visit: Spring Commencement

The following Department Awards will be presented at the Watson School Recognition Ceremony on Saturday, May 19, 2012.

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Baccalaureate Studies, Computer Science: Chris Kant and Run Bai Ma
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Baccalaureate Studies, Information System Dual Diploma Program: Alper Alimoglu
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Graduate Studies: Steven Loscalzo
  • Service to the Department, Undergraduate Studies: Dave Lucia
  • Service to the Department, Graduate Studies: Steven Loscalzo

Speakers at the Recognition Ceremony: Adam LaFave, Undergraduate Student & Pinar Kuzlu, Information Systems Dual-Diploma Program


Jared Schmitz receives an Honorary Mention for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Jared Schmitz is a Senior Computer Science Major who applied for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Jared's field of study is Computer and Information Security. For more information on this award please visit:


Two CS Undergraduate students receive Honorable Mention for the 2012 Presidents Award for Undergraduate Student Excellence.

Michael Forzano, a junior, and Jared Schmitz, a senior, will be recognized at a luncheon in April for receiving Honorable Mention for the 2012 Presidents Award for Undergraduate Student Excellence. The President's Award for Undergraduate Student Excellence honors students who have enriched the Binghamton University Community through leadership and accomplishment in such areas as research, teaching, scholarship, and campus and community service. The University has recognized Michael & Jared's accomplishments by awarding them with Honorable Mention. 


CS Student wins 3rd place in the World Wide Programming Competition 2011

Elliot Way won 3rd place in the Dyalog World Wide Programming Contest. Elliot is an Undergraduate Computer Science student who is now in his sophomore year. For additional information on the award please visit:


Congratulations to all Spring 2011 Graduates!

The following Department Awards were presented at the Watson School Recognition Ceremony on May 21, 2011:

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Baccalaureate Studies, Computer Science: Lee Riefberg and Seth Engel
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Baccalaureate Studies, Information Systems Dual Diploma Program: Berk Ozel
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Graduate Studies: Brent Rood
  • Service to the Department, Undergraduate Studies: Deanna Victoria
  • Service to the Department, Graduate Studies: Jessica Hartog

The following Computer Science students were presented with awards during the Binghamton University Commencement Ceremony on May 21, 2011:

  • Katie C. Root Award for Graduate Students: Amanda M. Lannie
  • Mine Kalkan Award for Academic Excellence: Selin Cinte


Jared Schmitz receives Undergraduate Award for Research and Creative Work

The Undergraduate Award for Research and Creative Work is designed to support the research expenses for students completing an honors thesis or other project that is related to class work. Sponsored by Harpur College and the Binghamton Foundation, funding for this award is very competitive. Information on the Undergraduate Award for Research and Creative Work can be found here:  

Congratulations, Jared!


CS undergraduates win First Place Award at FAA Design Competition for Universities (again!) 

For the second year in a row, two teams of undergraduate students led by Bill Ziegler have been successful at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Competition for Universities. The following awards were presented:

  • FIRST PLACE: Airport Environmental Challenge - Utilizing Wind Energy to Provide Runway Lighting at Remote Airports
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Airport Operations and Maintenance Challenge - Using Panoramic Photography and Digital Imaging to Detect Foreign Object Debris on Runways

This competition is administered by the FAA Office of Runway Safety and is managed by the Virginia Space Grant Consortium. Information and copies of the winning proposals can be found at the competition's website:

June 17, 2010


Congratulations to all Spring 2010 Graduates!

The following Computer Science students were presented with awards during the Binghamton University Commencement Ceremony on May 15, 2010:

  • Distinguished Dissertation Award, Engineering and Applied Science: Michael Head, "Analysis and Optimization for Processing Grid-Scale XML Datasets"
  • Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence: David Lundgren 
  • President's Award, Junior Recipient (2009): David Lundgren
  • Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Research: Zhen Guo
  • Katie C. Root Award for Graduate Students: Chaitali S. Pandit

The following Department Awards were presented at the Watson School Recognition Ceremony on May 15, 2010:

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Baccalaureate Studies, Computer Science: Jiri Stehlik
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Baccalaureate Studies, Information Systems Dual Diploma Program: Ceren Sivri
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Graduate Studies: Umesh D. Deshpande and Michael Head
  • Service to the Department, Undergraduate: Christine E. Horgan and Richard A. Viscomi
  • Service to the Department, Graduate: Furat F. Afram


FALL 2007

CS Major Savishinsky 5th in Mainframe Contest
CS Major Zach Savishinsky place 5th from among 1,750 students participating in the IBM Master the Mainframe Contest, winning himself a new Nintendo Wii system! In the competitive three Phase contest, graduate student Xiaoshuang Wang was a Part 2 winner (Top 60, $100), and graduate student Beilan Wang received an honorable mention.

Recent Student's Startup Company Goes Live
Recent CS Major Jake McGraw is Lead Developer at a new startup company, called Big Carrot. The company promotes and facilitates "crowd sourced inducement prizes."

Faculty Funding
Details coming soon

Senior Loverro Places 2nd in Security Competition
Caleb Loverro, CS Senior, ranked high in 3 competitions at the Poyltechnic University Cybersecurity Awareness Week security competition. In particular, he placed 2nd in the Digital Forensics Challenge, 3rd in the Pitney Bowes Challenge. He also competed alone in the Capture the Flag, team competition, and placed 5th out of 14 teams, winning the award for "best individual! This is the second year a student from Binghamton has competed and won cash prizes.

Professor Earns Disability Awareness Award for Department
Professor Bill Ziegler's volunteer work with a local mentally disabled high school student has earned the CS Department a Disability Awareness Award. Prof. Ziegler accepted the award at the Heritage Country Club on Wednesday Oct. 17, 2007.

Loscalzo Earns Honor Society Scholarship Award
Former CS Major (May 2007) Steve Loscalzo was one of three undergraduate students nationwide to have earned a $1,000 Scholarship from UPE (missing link). UPE (Upsilon Pi Epsilon), is the national honor society for computer science. Binghamton has an active local chapter of the society. Last Spring, Loscalzo earned the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship; he is currently a Teaching Assistant in the CS Department, and is pursuing research with Professor Lei Yu.



BU Computer Science Team wins Honorable Mention in International Web Site Competition
As part of a semester-long project in Professor Ziegler's CS495 Professional Ethics and Communication class during the Spring 2007 semester, a team of Computer Science undergraduate students entered CHC61: The IEEE Computer Society Web Programming Competition. The competition required teams to design and implement a web site that explored an unsung hero in the history of computing. Nearly 70 teams from 63 universities in 27 countries participated in the competition. The BU Team earned the Honorable Mention Award and consisted of CS undergraduates Keith Nobbe, Alvin Oh, Hyun Mo Yoon and Yui Pang, with assistance from Peter Bazyluk and David Rodrigeuz. Professor Ziegler served as faculty advisor for the team. The title of the students' project was, "Posidonius and Ancient Computers." The competition was sponsored by Microsoft and The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society, an educational non-profit organization, and the world's largest and oldest professional association of computer scientists and engineers.


Meng's Company Releases News Metasearch Engine
Webscalers (, a company co-founded by Professor Weiyi Meng who serves as its President, released to the public a news metasearch engine called AllInOneNews ( on August 22th, 2007. AllInOneNews connects to over 1,800 news sources in more than 200 countries/regions. The ability to connect with many search engines simultaneously enables AllInOneNews to provide the timeliest information possible. AllInOneNews also performs "semantic search," meaning that it looks not only for keywords, but also for subject matter closely related to the original query. AllInOneNews grew out of a research project sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Later, NSF's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program provided funds for Phase-I and II of the project. Prof. Meng is a leading researcher in large-scale metasearch technology. A PR Newswire Item contains more information about the release.



Prof. Yu Presents Tutorial at a Top Data Mining Conference
Professor Lei Yu presented a tutorial on Dimensionality Reduction for Data Mining, April 28th at the SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. SDM is one of the leading conferences in the field of data mining research, and Prof. Yu's tutorial was one of three selected from proposals submitted to the conference.

Faculty Continue in Leadership Positions
The CS Department faculty continue to serve in leadership roles within their respective research communities. For example, Professor Madden recently wrapped up service as General Chair of ISPD 2007, the ACM International Symposium on Physical Design, and is also a Program Committee Chair of EDPS, the Electronic Design Process Subcommittee of IEEE DATC, a workshop meeting next week. Professor Abu-Ghazaleh will Co-Chair the Technical Program Committee of MSWiM, the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems, for the 2nd consecutive year. This year's conference will be held in Crete Island, Greece, in late October. And Professor Chiu is co-organizing SOCP '07, a Workshop on Service-Oriented Computing Performance: Aspects, Issues, and Approaches, to be held in conjunction with HPDC '07 (the top grid computing conference) this June. Chiu is also serving as Program Co-Chair of e-Science 2007, the 3rd International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing, to be held in Bangalore, India in mid-December.

UPE Inducts New Members
The UPE Computer Science Honor Society inducted six new members this semester: Rostislav Agashiyev, Ovidiu (Lucian) Bolintis, Ari Fuchs, Jon Grode, Charles June, and Krzysztof Stasik. In the Fall 2006 Semester, the following six students had been inducted: Matthew Fowler, Saugata Ghose, Moonjeong Kang, Keith Nobbe, Luke Pamel, and Brett Taylor. The UPE web space contains lists of the honor society's full student membership, rules for membership, events, and more. Among other things, UPE offers free tutoring of other students. Congratulations to the new (and existing) members, and thank you for your hard work and excellent service to the Department!

Madden Secures $25K Sandia Grant
Professor Patrick Madden has received a $25K grant from Sandia National Laboratories to design dense interconnect structures for integrated circuits such as optical sensors. The circuits have more than a quarter million connection points in an area roughly the size of a nickle. Graduate student Satoshi Ono is working on the project.

Ghose, Ponomarev Secure Intel Grant
Professors Kanad Ghose and Dmitry Ponomarev of the Computer Architecture and Power-Aware Systems (CAPS) Research Group have recently been awarded an Intel research grant to improve the performance and energy-efficiency of multicore microprocessors and to develop related software tools.


FALL 2006

Ziegler Made Honorary Member of Honor Society
Professor William Ziegler has been inducted as an Honorary Member into the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. Phi Eta Sigma was founded in 1923 and is currently the oldest and largest freshman honor society, consisting of 350 chapters and 900,000 inducted members. The goal of the Society is to encourage and reward academic excellence among first-year students in institutions of higher learning. To be eligible for membership, students must exhibit distinguished academic ability and have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Honorary Members are selected upon student nomination followed by a review by students and college officials.

CS/Watson Students Take Second Place in Morgan Stanley Website Competition
A team of three Watson School students finished in second place in the Morgan Stanley Website Competition at the Eastern Technical Career Conference (ETCC) in Philadelphia, The conference was hosted by the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and managed by the the Hispanic Eastern Technical Career Institute (HETCI). The Watson School team consisted of two Computer Science undergraduate students, Peter Bazyluk and Keith Nobbe; and one Mechanical Engineering student, Vadim Bromberg. Competitors were given two weeks to determine a problem with information regarding current ETCC conferences and fix it using an online module created by the entering team. The websites were judged on creativity, teamwork, difficulty of the problem to solve, and presentation.

CS Major wins Essay Contest
CS Major Peter Dobrie has won the undergraduate award in an Essay Contest sponsored by the Information Systems and Internet Security Lab at Polytechnic University, as part of Cyber Security Awareness Week 2006. Details of the contest can be found here. For his efforts, Peter received a new iPod Shuffle; Congratulations, Peter!

Two Student Teams Finish in Top 10 in IEEE History Competition
As part of a semester-long project in Professor Ziegler's CS 495 Professional Ethics and Communication class during the Spring 2006 semester, two 4-person teams of Computer Science students entered CHC60: The IEEE Computer Society 60th Anniversary History Competition. The competition requires teams to design and build a website that covers, in depth, a topic related to the history of computing. Both teams advanced to the final round of the competition, and finished in the Top 10. Nearly 70 teams from 63 universities in 27 countries participated in the competition.

One team includes students Jeffrey Gibat, Matt Kornher, Peter Meyer, and Allan Rysin; the other comprises Chad Evans, Bryan Latten, Arin Lipman, and Michael Perry, with Professor Ziegler serving as faculty advisor for both teams. All the Finalists' Web sites, including those created by the two Binghamton CS teams, are featured here.

Grid Group to Receive New Research Grant
Professors Madhu Govindaraju (PI), Ken Chiu (co-PI), and Mike Lewis (co-PI) have received a new grant that will make the Grid Computing Research Laboratory (GCRL) an official partner in a new Department of Energy Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) Computer Science Center. The Center will provide "Plug and Play Supercomputing" along with a number of partner institutions, including most of the government national laboratories, and researchers from the Universities of Maryland and Utah, and Indiana University. The grant will provide approximately $460K in funds to GCRL researchers over the next 5 years.



Another Best Paper Award!
Professor Lijun Yin, his students Xiaozhou Wei and Peter Longo, and the SSIE Department's Abhinesh Bhuvanesh won a Best Paper award at the 18th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2006), a top conference in pattern recognition and computer vision, held in Hong Kong from August 20-24, 2006. Their paper, titled "Analyzing Facial Expressions Using Intensity-Variant 3D Data for Human Computer Interaction," was selected as one of five papers, out of 1168 submitted, for the award of $500.

CS Researchers Win Best Paper Award
Graduate student Ke Liu, and CS faculty K.D. Kang and Nael Abu-Ghazaleh won the Best Paper award at the 9th Annual NYS Cyber Security Conference: Symposium on Information Assurance. The paper is titled "Securing Geographic Routing"(.pdf, 259kb) and was presented to the conference in Albany this June.

Kang Secures NSF Grant
Prof. K.D. Kang has received an NSF Grant for his research on Quality of Service (QoS) in Real-Time applications. More information on the research project can be found on the grant's official NSF page.

Recent CS Minor Lander on the Cover of Science
Gabe Lander, who graduated with a minor in CS in 2002, is using his computer science background for his research in the PhD program in Molecular Biology at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, CA. Impressively, his research will be featured on the cover of Science magazine; an abstract of the forthcoming paper can be found here, and more information can be found in a Scripps press release. Congratulations, Gabe!



Prof. Iwobi Receives Watson Founders Award
Prof. Margaret Iwobi was honored as one of 5 recipients of Watson Founders Awards, at a ceremony on Friday, May 19, 2006. The Founders Award is granted annually to individuals who have shown vision and commitment to the Watson School since our formation in 1983. Congratulations (and thank you), Margaret!

Three CS Faculty Win SUNY-Wide Awards
Computer Science faculty members Kanad Ghose, Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, and Leslie Lander were honored with SUNY Chancellor's Awards for Excellence this year. Professor Ghose won an award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities for his outstanding research. (Here's a link to an Inside BU Article announcing Professor Ghose's award.) Professor Abu-Ghazaleh won an award for Excellence in Teaching, and Professor Lander won an award for Excellence in Faculty Service. Impressively, only thirteen total excellence awards were made to faculty at Binghamton, three of which were to Computer Science professors; clearly, this demonstrates the quality and dedication of the Computer Science faculty!

Tilak Wins Distinguished Dissertation Award
Recent Computer Science PhD graduate Sameer Tilak has won a Distinguished Dissertation Award from Binghamton's Graduate School, for his PhD thesis titled "Towards a Holistic Approach for Protocol Development in Sensor Networks." This is the 4th consecutive year that a Computer Science graduate has won the award. Other former winners are listed on our Student Awards page.

Ziegler Named Binghamton Faculty Master
CS Professor Bill Ziegler has been selected as a Binghamton Faculty Master of Newing College, starting in Fall 2006 and running through Spring 2009. As a Faculty Master, Prof. Ziegler will pursue a wide variety of efforts to enrich the living and learning experiences of Newing College student residents. More information can be found in a recent inside BU article.

Madden Chairs Technical Symposium
Prof. Patrick H. Madden is acting as the technical program chair for the 10th International Symposium on Physical Design to be held in San Jose, California, from April 9th to the 12th. The symposium is the leading venue for research on the physical design of integrated circuits, and is sponsored by the ACM, the IEEE, and a number of semiconductor design and manufacturing companies. In related news, Prof. Nael Abu-Ghazaleh will be co-chair of the technical program committee for the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Modeling Analysis and Simulation of Mobile and Wireless Systems(MSWiM) conference to be held in Spain this October.

Moore Wins Honorable Mention in IBM Mainframe Contest
CS Student Christopher Moore placed in the top 5 in IBM's national Mainframe Contest. Winners are listed on the mainframe contest's Students Page. Chris won an iPod in the second round and received an Honorable Mention in the third round of the contest. The 5 students who completed the third round were invited to Poughkeepsie over spring break to tour the facility there. Congratulations, Christopher!

Michael Wins University Award for Student Excellence:
Computer Science major Nick Michael will receive the University Award for Student Excellence. Nick is one of nine Binghamton undergraduates who will receive the award, and was selected as the lone winner from the Watson School. Congratulations, Nick!

Longo Wins SUNY Chancellor's Award:
Computer Science major Peter Longo has been selected to receive the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence. The award honors "SUNY students who have best demonstrated and been recognized for their integration of academic excellence with other aspects of their lives." This is the second consecutive year that a Binghamton Computer Science major has won a Chancellor's Award. Congratulations, Peter! A list of all computer science award winners for the past several years can be found on our Student Awards page.

Sharkey to Receive Student Excellence in Research Award
CS PhD student Joe Sharkey will be awarded a 2005-06 Student Excellence Award for Excellence in Research from Binghamton University's Graduate School. In the past year, Joe has published seven conference and journal papers, including papers in HPCA and ISPLED, two top conferences in the field of computer architecture and low power design. Joe defended his PhD proposal in January, and will work as Summer Intern at IBM Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights this summer. Congratulations, Joe!

GCRL to Make Presence Felt at Top Grid Conference
The Department's Grid Computing Research Laboratory (GCRL) will make a strong showing at the top conference for grid computing research this summer. Ken Chiu is co-author of a paper on binary XML, with an Indiana University student he is helping advise. The paper will appear in the main IEEE High Performance Distributed Computing conference (14% acceptance rate), to be held in June in Paris, France. Mike Lewis will present a paper on "self-organizing grids", written with "honorary GCRL member" Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, in a special "Hot Topics Sesson," for which only 6 out of 43 submitted papers were accepted. Finally, Madhu Govindaraju co-authored a paper with Lewis, Chiu, and colleagues from the Institute of Scientific Computing, University of Vienna, Austria. This paper describes component frameworks for grid computing and will appear in the HPC-GECO/CompFrame 2006 workshop, to be held in conjunction with HPDC.

Levering Article Appears in Dr. Dobb's Journal
CS PhD student Ryan Levering has published a short article in the February 2006 issue of the highly visible Dr. Dobb's Journal, titled "SPARQL for Sesame." The article describes a project that Ryan conceived, designed, and implemented as part of Google's"Summer of Code" program. Ryan's idea for the open-source development project was selected from among a pool of proposals, and he was paid to do open source development in the Summer of 2005. Over 250 students from all over the world implemented 2005 "summer of code" projects for various organizations and companies; only five were selected for inclusion in Dr. Dobbs. Congratulations, Ryan!


FALL 2005

ACM Programming Team Officially Qualifies for World Finals
The Binghamton ACM Programming Contest team's strong second-place finish in November's regional competition has officially earned them a place in the World Finals, which will take place in San Antonio, Tex., in April. Good luck to team members Nick Maliwacki, Andrew Paroski, and Natan Zohar!

Kolar's Paper Accepted in PerCom 2006
Continuing the stellar recent publication record of the CS Department's PhD students, Networking and Parallel Processing Laboratory graduate student Vinay Kolar recently had a paper accepted in the highly competitive 4th Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom). Vinay's paper describes his approach to routing in wireless networks and represents the basis for his PhD study. PerCom accepted only 8 percent of all submitted papers this year, a testament to the quality of Vinay's ideas and research. Ke Liu, another PhD student from the same research group, had a "short paper" accepted at the same conference (14 percent acceptance rate). Congratulations to both Vinay and Ke!

Abu-Ghazaleh Helps Secure New Grant
Professor Nael Abu-Ghazaleh is a co-PI on a new two-year $1.1 millon project from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (US Army). The project aims to develop a sensor network for Chemical/Biological attack detection and early warning. The project team consists of the following principle investigators: Omowunmi Sadik (Chemistry, PI), Bhagat Sammakia and Bruce Murray (Mechanical Engineering), and Nael Abu-Ghazaleh (CS).

Yin Receives Young Investigator Award
Professor Lijun Yin has received a James D. Watson Investigator award to help support his face recognition research. The award, made through New York's NYSTAR program, is given to faculty who, early in their careers, show great promise in the field of biotechnology. Yin will receive $200,000 from NYSTAR and another $200,000 "match" from Binghamton's Research Foundation. Congratulations, Lijun!

Students Present Papers at Top Conference
Grid Computing Research Laboratory (GCRL) graduate students Michael Head and Nayef Abu-Ghazaleh presented their work at the Annual SC|05 Supercomputing Conference in Seattle, Wash. this week. Mike and Nayef each had different papers in both the Grid 2005 Workshop(outdated link) and Supercomputing's main technical program, both of which are increasingly competitive, prestigious, well-attended, high profile venues. Onur Demur was first author on the Grid Workshop paper that Mike presented, and Pu Liu and Nayef also contributed to Mike's SC|05 paper. These (and other) publications can be found on the GCRL's publications page.

Computer Architecture Grad Students Excel
This week, Computer Architecture and Low Power Research Group graduate student Matt Yourst presented his work at the 38th International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO-38) in Barcelona, Spain. The work of Joseph Sharkey, another grad student from the same group, has been accepted for presentation at the 12th International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA-12). Both MICRO and HPCA are prestigious, highly-competitive and well-attended venues -- two of the top four computer architecture conferences. Great job, Matt and Joe!

Tilak Defends Dissertation
Sameer Tilak successfully defended his PhD dissertation, "Toward a Holistic Approach for Protocol Development in Sensor Networks." Sameer will join the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) as a Senior Research Scientist to continue his research in sensor networks. Sameer will join the Cyberinfrastructure Laboratory for Environmental Observing Systems (CLEOS) laboratory. CLEOS specializes in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions for Sensor Networks in a variety of domains. Projects range from environmental and oceanographic observation systems to civil infrastructure "health" monitoring applications. Sameer's advisor is Professor Abu-Ghazaleh. Congratulations, Dr. Tilak!

Multimedia Research Laboratory Students Producing High Quality Papers
Current PhD student Jian Yao, and former CS student (now Yahoo! computer scientist) Roufei Zhang (PhD '05), have recently had papers accepted in the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2005)(outdated link), and presented their papers in this conference in Beijing, China this October. ICCV is considered the premier computer vision conference, with over 1000 attendees and a very low paper acceptance rate. Graduate student Bo Long has recently had papers accepted in The ACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD-05) and the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM '05). These are considered the top two data mining conferences. Bo presented his work at KDD in Chicago in August, and will travel to ICDM in Houston this November. This is great work from all of these students in the Multimedia Research Laboratory. Congratulations!

Binghamton ACM Programming Contest Team places Second in Regional Finals
Congratulations are in order for students Nick Maliwacki, Andrew Paroski and Natan Zohar, who are competing in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. The team took second in both the regional preliminary contest at Oswego and the Regional Finals at Rochester Institute of Technology. The Top 4 teams, in order, were:

  1. MIT
  2. Binghamton
  3. Harvard
  4. Brown

Here are the full final standings for the region. (Inside BU Article)

Department Hosts Open House
About 200 future college students and family who attended Binghamton University's open house showed interest in the Computer Science program. As part of the Watson tour, the prospective students observed Professor Lijun Yin's lab and research demonstrations, and toured the Digital Logic and Robotics classroom where Professor Dick Eckert demonstrated student work from robotics and GUI classes.

Meng "Tours" China
Professor Weiyi Meng, on sabbatical this semester, spent parts of September and October giving seminar presentations at seven universities (Peking University, Tsinghua University, People's University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing University of Technology, Sichuan University and Hebei University). Meng was honored with guest professorships by People's University and Sichuan University. These visits enhance the visibility of both Binghamton University and our Computer Science program.


  • New Students: Welcome to all the new students, both graduate and undergraduates, who are joining our department this year. This fall, approximately 50 new undergraduate students join the CS Department in the joint Information Systems program with Turkish Universities.
  • New Faculty: We would also like to welcome our newest full-time faculty member, Professor Lei Yu. Lei received his PhD from Arizona State University; his research interests include machine learning, data mining applications and bioinformatics. This fall, Yu will be teaching CS 535: Introduction to Data Mining.
  • Returning Students: Welcome back to all of our returning students. Hopefully you enjoyed your summer and you're refreshed and ready to work hard and have fun this year. By the way, as of September 2004 (the date of the last official numbers from Binghamton's Office of Institutional Research), the department includes 392 undergraduate majors, 203 master's students, and 44 PhD students.
  • Returning Faculty: Professor Patrick Madden has returned from his sabbatical in Japan. This fall he will be teaching a graduate course on Systems Programming (CS 551), and the undergraduate Algorithms class (CS 333). Welcome back, Patrick.

Meng Co-Chairs WAIM 2005
Professor Weiyi Meng is serving as general co-chair of the Sixth International Conference on Web-Age Information Management (WAIM)(outdated link), to be held in HangZhou, China, in October 2005.

Govindaraju Co-Chairs DSGC track at SAC 2006.
Professor Madhusudhan Govindaraju is serving as co-chair for the special track on Distributed Systems and Grid Computing (DSGC) at the ACM Symposium for Applied Computing (SAC), April 23-27, 2006. Dijon, France.

Faculty Book
Professor William Ziegler is currently writing a book, titled Effective Communication in Engineering and Science. The college textbook will be published by McGraw-Hill Higher Education in 2006; topics will include written and verbal communication skills, teamwork and ethics.

Madden Elected ACM SIGDA Vice Chair
Professor Patrick Madden has been elected vice chair for the ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation (ACM SIGDA). Madden is also serving as the Technical Program Chair of the International Symposium on Physical Design, to be held in San Jose, Calif., in April 2006.

GCRL to Host Research Meeting
The department's Grid Computing Research Laboratory (GCRL) will host a meeting of the Common Component Architecture (CCA) Forum, October 6-7, 2005 in Saratoga Springs. This forum brings together researchers from top universities and national laboratories to discuss how component based architectures can be used for high performance computing. Professors Lewis, Govindaraju, and Chiu are all active members of the CCA Forum.



Five New NSF Awards
This summer, CS Department faculty have received five new grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Professors Meng and Govindaraju will begin a new project involving Metasearch Engines.

Professors Lewis, Ghose, Meng, Abu-Ghazaleh, and Govindaraju, with help and contributions from most of the Department's other research faculty, have secured over $500K to obtain Heterogeneous High Performance Infrastructure for the Department's (and University's) research activity. (Inside BU Article)

Professor Yin received a grant to Analyze Facial Expressions in 3D Space. This funding adds to Professor Yin's existing collaborative project with SUNY - Upstate Medical Center, and another NSF Grant on Face Modeling

Professor Chiu received two new NSF Grants this summer. The first will study Sensors on Lakes, in collaboration with the University of California - San Diego (UCSD), the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Indiana University. The second provides funds to build The CrystalGrid Framework. These two projects add to Professor Chiu's existing grant, which involves Instruments and Sensors on the Grid.

Together, these five new NSF grants total approximately $1.4 Million in new research money.

Professor Ghose has received a two-year $760K Grant through NYSTAR. The project will involve the development of a file system and related networking and security support for avionics that implements hard deadlines and exceeds the requirement of an emerging industry standard. The basic technology came partly out of research funded by BAE Systems in the past year for about $195K. The award includes $380K from NYSTAR, $212K from BAE, and matching support from SUNY.

Student Author
CS Alumnus Sean Egan ('05) has already published a book on Open Source Messaging Application Development. Congratulations, Sean!

Eckert and Zhang Attend Meeting at Microsoft
Professors Eckert and and Zhang were invited to attend the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2005 on July 17-19, 2005 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, WA. According to Microsoft, the workshop was "attended by over three hundred top faculty and researchers from premier universities. The goal of this high-impact event [was] to support open collaboration between Microsoft and the academic community.... This year's Faculty Summit [was] called 'Computing: The Next Decade' and focused on the research and technical challenges in areas such as security, mobility, software engineering, languages, human-computer interaction, embedded computing, eScience, and technologies for education."

As of September 1, 2005, Professors

Lewis and Zhang have been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor, with tenure. Professors Madden and Abu-Ghazaleh were promoted to Associate Professor with tenure last year, along with Professors Ghose and Meng, who were promoted to Full Professor.

PhD Student Receives "Summer of Code" Grant from Google
Ryan Levering, a PhD student working with Professor Cutler, received a grant from Google's Summer of Code program this summer, for implementing the first W3C query language for RDF data (SPARQL). Ryan worked with a research group in Italy and with some of the developers of the main RDF persistence server.

Berger Presents Poster at SIGGRAPH
Graphics and Image Computing Lab graduate student Matt Berger presented and demonstrated his work at the leading graphics conference, SIGGRAPH 2005 (poster program) in Los Angeles. The Posters program contains the newest developing research in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Students Pass PhD Proposals
Congratulations to PhD students Sameer Tilak and Paul Rogers, both of whom passed their PhD Proposals under the direction of their advisor Nael Abu-Ghazaleh this summer.

New Research Project
Professors Abu-Ghazaleh and Zhang are beginning a new project on cognitive (human-inspired) techniques for real-time multi-tasking in high performance computing environments. The project is a collaboration with researchers at Dartmouth College, and is funded for approximately $300K by the Air Force Information Institute.

Joint Appointment
Walker Land has been added to the Department of Bioengineering's Affiliated Faculty, beginning this fall.

Association with AFRL-Rome Continues
The Department's association with Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at the Rome Research Site (RRS) in Rome, NY continues to thrive.

  • Professor Abu-Ghazaleh recently completed his second consecutive summer as a Visiting Research Fellow at Rome, and has twice received Faculty Extension Grants.
  • Professor Lijun Yin was also at RRS as a Visiting Research Fellow this summer, in the Visualization and Human Computer Interaction Lab. Professor Yin will be receiving a Faculty Extension Grant for 2005-06.
  • Professor Professor Zhang has been an AFRL Visiting Faculty Fellow for several different years, including this one, and has received several grants from AFRL. These grants have supported his research on developing community generation theory in data mining and machine learning. Prof. Zhang currently has two active research grants from AFRL on this topic.

Eckert Receives NSF STTR Phase II Grant
Professor Eckert is the Principal Investigator for an NSF STTR Phase II grant entitled: "Intelligent Computerized Embroidery Design Automation for the Textile Industry". This project is a collaboration with Dr. David Goldman (PhD '98), President of Soft Sight, Inc., in Vestal. The $42K grant spans this summer, includes support for three graduate students and two undergrads, and resulted from recent and ongoing SPIR projects.

PhD Student Pu Liu Gains National Recognition
CS Graduate student Pu "Pop" Liu has won the lone first prize in the IBM North America Grid Scholars Challenge(outdated link). For his efforts, Pop received a new IBM laptop, and the University received a new IBM eServer, which was delivered this summer. Congratulations, Pop!

Zhang's Students Secure Summer Internships
Professor Zhang's PhD students have won several awards that will enable them to study at top research institutions this summer.

  • Jingzhou Hua will complete an internship at IBM Almaden Research Center for the second consecutive summer.
  • Bo Long won a Yahoo Research Summer Internship Award.
  • Jian Yao secured an NIH Summer Internship Award, and also won an NSF Travel Award to attend the upcoming IEEE ICCV(outdated link) conference, in October 2005.



After many years of tireless, consistent, and excellent service to the Department and University, Margaret Iwobi is retiring at the end of the Spring Semester. Following periods of denial and consternation, after much deliberation---and with great trepidation---the rest of the CS faculty has decided to attempt to continue on. Fortunately, Margaret is not really "going" anywhere; she will primarily be giving up only her considerable administrative duties, but will continue to teach classes. Eileen Head will be taking over much of Margaret's former responsibility, so we're in good hands.

Congratulations Graduates!
Congratulations to all of our recent graduates!

  • Undergraduates: Including August 2004, January 2005, and May 2005 graduations, 99 students received undergraduate CS degrees this past year. Matthew Berger won the award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Baccalaureate Studies; Brett Bernstein and Robert Brooks won awards for Service to the Department; and Lee Seversky was chosen as CS's Student Speaker, and did an outstanding job. Congratulations to all!
  • Graduate Students: 85 students received MS degrees in CS over the past year. Congratulations!

PhD Students Finish Distinguished Graduate Careers
Three students---Oguz Ergin, Roufei Zhang, and Zhihui Zhang---received PhD's in CS this year.

  • Roufei Zhang completed a dissertation entitled "Semantics-Oriented Modeling and Retrieval in Image Databases", for which he won the University Distinguished Dissertation Award, and the CS Department's award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Graduate Studies this May. Roufei has also won the University Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship Award (December 2004), an IEEE CVPR Travel Award (June 2004), and Studying with Professor Zhang, Roufei authored over 15 papers, in top conferences and journals. Roufei is currently a Computer Scientist at Yahoo Research.
  • Oguz Ergin's dissertation is entitled "Register File Optimizations for Superscalar Microprocessors". Oguz won the Graduate School Excellence in Research Award, and together with his advisor, Professor Ghose, Oguz has authored over 15 papers in top-notch conferences and journals. Oguz is now a Senior Research Scientist at the Intel Barcelona Research Center, in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Zhihui Zhang's dissertation is entitled "Design and Implementation of High Performance File Systems". Professor Ghose also served as Zhihui's faculty advisor. Zhihui is currently employed at Panasys Inc.

Congratulations to the department's three newest Doctors of Philosophy!

CS Major Wins Chancellor's Award
CS Major Michael Irani has won a Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence. This competitive SUNY-wide award is made to students who excel both inside and outside the classroom. Congratulations, Michael!

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