Spotlight on recent graduates

Every year a new group of computer scientists transitions from students to alumni. We took this opportunity to catch up with some of our recent graduates to find out what they are doing and how their Binghamton education paved the way for their success.

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Erdem Aktas  

Erdem Aktas PhD '13 is a  senior software engineer in Intel Security group. He joined Intel as a researcher at McAfee Labs under the Intel Security Group. He won the Intel/McAfee 2013 Innovation award for his work on control flow based malware classification, which was subsequently patented. Currently, he is working as the lead architect of machine learning and analytics based malware detection group with other Intel researchers for keeping our digital life safe.

Elif Dede PhD '14 is a software engineer on the Cache Team at Twitter. She works on distributed caching solutions that support all core platforms at Twitter.

She enjoys her time supporting high QPS clients pushing the limits of distributed stateful systems.

Umesh Deshpande   

Umesh Deshpande MS '09 PhD '15 won Binghamton  University's Distinguished Dissertation award in 2016. This award is annually given to "dissertations that make unusually significant contributions to their discipline."

While at Binghamton, Umesh  conducted his dissertation research on new architectures for virtual  machine migration and cloud infrastructures. His work resulted in 12 peer-reviewed  publications and one pending patent. Umesh is currently a research staff member at IBM Almaden Research Center where he investigates next-generation of cloud, virtualization and storage technologies.

Caleb Donovick, who received his bachelor's degree in computer science in 2016, received the Provost’s Award for Undergraduate Research Excellence. As an undergraduate student at Binghamton, Caleb contributed to the research project investigating hardware support for efficient malware detection. He is a co-author on one journal and two conference publications. Caleb will be joining the PhD program at Stanford in Fall 2016.

 Chris Lemoine  

Chris Lemoine, who graduated in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in computer science, is a development lead in Citi Credit Markets Technology. His research experience as an undergraduate was with the Operating Systems and Networking Group. Beyond academics and research, he was heavily engaged with the National Society for Black Engineers. He has been with Citi since graduation, makes regular visits to campus, and has been a strong mentor of students.

Chaoren Lin    

Chaoren Lin is a developer for Android tools for Google after he graduated with his bachelor's degree in computer science in 2014. While a student at Binghamton he did research with David Liu regarding resource aware programming languages and with Lijun Yin regarding 3D terrain stitching.  He was an active member of CoRE and a winner of the Waldemar J. Trjitzinsky Award, a national mathematics award.

Puiqi Luo   

Ruiqi Luo MS '08 PhD '12 is a software development engineer with Amazon working out of the Seattle area. He started with the online retailer in September 2014.

Before Amazon, he was a software engineer with Microsoft.

Much of his doctoral work was dedicated to research in information and computer systems security, with a focus on developing applied technologies for secure and trustworthy real-world systems.

Rachana Mhetre   

Rachana Mhetre MS '11 is currently a software engineer with Microsoft working out of the Seattle area. She started in the position in August 2013.

She previously was a member of technical staff and worked on vCloud director product at VMware in San Francisco.

 Meltem Ozsoy   

Meltem Ozsoy PhD '15 designs the next generation secure processor architecture with the SGX architecture team at Intel Labs, Hillsboro, Oregon. SGX enables application developers to protect sensitive data from undesired accesses by other applications and system software. Meltem is working on improving memory management in SGX, including the design of memory pipeline and cache subsystem.

Dan O'Connor    

Daniel O’Connor, who received his bachelor's degree in computer science in  2014, is a user interface engineer at technology startup Optimizely and he came back to campus to give students advice on how to best spend their time before entering the job market.

"Nowadays there’s way more resources and support if you’re a computer science major. You could go to HackBU and learn from people who already know some of the stuff. So keep that in mind and try to reach out to people who can serve as mentors … if you surround yourself with good people, it tends to work out,” he said. Read More.

Asloob Qureshi   

Asloob Qureshi MS '15 is a software development engineer with the advertising products group at Yahoo Inc. The software targets ads to the right set of audiences to help advertisers reach campaign goals.

He works on the targeting system's backend with technologies like Hadoop, Hive, Elasticsearch, and Spring framework.

He previously was an intern with VMware.

 Huseyin Sular  

Huseyin Sular, who graduated with his bachelor’s degree in information systems in 2012 and completed a master’s degree in computer science in 2014, is a software engineer at Teradata in El Segundo, Calif.

 Goksu Toprak   

Goksu Toprak is a 2013 graduate with a bachelors degree in Information Systems Engineering. He is a software developer with Kiran Analytics Inc. in San Diego which is one of the thought leaders in bank labor forecasting, scheduling and recruiting software solutions globally. He values his Binghamton education for his skills in problem analysis, software design and implementation and advocates current students to first focus on the "hows and whys" of software design rather than concentrating on the specifics of a programming language.

Jojo Wallace   

Joanne "JoJo" Wallace, who received her bachelor's degree in computer science in 2015, currently works for GEICO corporate in Washington D.C. as a software developer for the customer facing website in the claims department. She interned at BAE systems as a software engineer.

Outside of computer science she was a tour guide for prospective students and a resident assistant in College in the Woods.

Last Updated: 5/3/16