Resources for Current Students

Commonly Used Forms

Independent Study Form (.pdf, 489 KB)
  Used to register for Independent Study courses. Instructor signature is required.

MSCS Proposed Course of Study/Graduation Check Form (.pdf, 761 KB)
  Used to check progress toward degree and, at time of graduation, to show which courses are being counted toward your degree. Graduate Coordinator submits this  form, along with your "Recommendation for Award of Master's Degree", to the Graduate School at the time of graduation.

Full-Time Certification Form
  Used by graduate students (funded & nonfunded) who are course complete or ABD to show full-time status. Form must be submitted no later than the first day of the semester.

Undergraduate Course Assistant Application Form (.doc, 24.5 KB)
  Completed forms should be submitted in hardcopy to the Computer Science Main Office, EB P01.

Computer Science Minor Application Form & Instructions (.doc, 35.7 KB)
  Completed forms should be submitted to the CS Undergraduate Program Director, Eileen Head, in EB P05.

Last Updated: 3/1/16