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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the dean of students and the dean of a specific school?

The deans of schools provide assistance to students and make decisions pertaining to academic matters. The dean of students may advocate for students on academic issues when there are special circumstances or issues; but her primary role with respect to academic matters is to help facilitate review and discussion with the academic deans when necessary and appropriate. The dean of students is not the final authority on academic issues.

When will a student hear from the dean of students?

Students may be contacted by the dean of students when there are serious concerns about their behavior or well-being. In such circumstances, the dean of students will communicate with the student directly to help him or her access appropriate services on campus. The dean of students may also contact a student to discuss safety or health issues if there is need to do so.

When should a student call the Office of the Dean of Students?

Students should contact the dean of students any time a concern arises and they do not know where to go for assistance. Contact the Office of the Dean of Students if you need to leave campus due to a specific emergency and may miss classes or need certain accommodations, if you need to withdraw from the University or if you are seeking advocacy or guidance about a student life issue. Essentially, when you need assistance and don’t know who else to ask, contact the dean of students.

Do you need an appointment to see the dean of students?

No. Walk-ins are always welcome. We are located in UUW-205 – the building with clock tower. Students, families and others are welcome to call or walk in as needed.

Who do I contact if I have questions about specific services within the Office of the Dean of Students?

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Last Updated: 8/13/14