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Special Issue of Physiology & Behavior highlights developmental effects of alcohol.

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Research Society on Alcoholism
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microscope comparison

microscope comparison

microscope comparison

microscope comparison


Do I Drink Too Much? - Binghamton research featured on the BBC show Horizon

Research conducted by Dr. Spear was recently featured on the BBC program Horizon. In this episode, titled "Do I Drink Too Much?", Dr. Spear discusses the effects of alcohol on adolescents.

Behavioral NeuroscienceThe Behavioral Neuroscience of Adolescence

Dr. Spear's book, The Behavioral Neuroscience of Adolescence, provides an overview of the genetic, hormonal, and neurological developments that take place during adolescence, and shows how these changes, along with influential sociocultural factors, interact to produce distinctly adolescent behaviors and thought processes.

Behavioral NeuroscienceDrink Now, Pay Later?

Binghamton Research magazine highlights the relevance of Dr. Spear's research. Full Story >

Three dimensional reconstructions and rotation of neurons in the developing brain. These immature layer 6 cortical neurons are just beginning to extend neurites (brain wiring)

In collaboration with Dr. Warren Zipfel at Cornell University, we have made movies of these immature neurons that show how dynamic this period of brain development can be. The movies reveal the rapid extension and retractions of the neurites during a 4 hour period and we are testing whether ethanol exposure acutely interferes with this early form of structural plasticity. This study may provide insight into the cognitive deficits associated with FAS. Images provided by Dr. Powrozek and Dr. Olson.

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