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Stuart Douglas Hirsch '95, '10 Edward Weisband Distinguished Alumnus/a Award for Public Service or Contribution to Public Affairs The Weisband Award recognizes one alumnus or alumna each year whose life, work, career and contributions exemplify the highest standards of service and deepest dedication to the sustenance of the common good. In 2010 Stuart graduated from the accelerated RN to BS program at the Decker School of Nursing. This previous Binghamton University degree was in anthropology. Stuart is the founder and Chief Mission Officer In Command of ARCHANGEL AIRBORNE - 1st Humanitarian Special Operations Group/AIR LAND SEA – Expeditionary Mission Team. This non-profit organization utilizes a proven military special operations model to insert highly skilled teams into areas of great disparity and disaster in order to provide transformative humanitarian services and lifesaving rescue efforts. Stuart serves domestically as Director of Operations for the Department of Emergency Services at Saint Mary's Trauma Center in Waterbury, Conn. He is an FAA-certified Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor. He also volunteers as a Firefighter and Rescue SCUBA Diver. Christina Ann (Tina) Gerardi, MS '85 – Tina is deputy director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Academic Progression in Nursing program through the American Organization of Nurse Executives. She was previously chief executive officer of the New York State Nurses Association. She has more than 25 years of experience as a healthcare practitioner, advocate and leader, having advanced from staff nurse to CEO while championing policy initiatives in support of access to quality, affordable healthcare at the state and national levels. She is a member of the Decker School of Nursing Advisory Committee and frequently returned to Binghamton to speak with undergraduate and graduate nursing students on professional practice and healthcare policy issues during her 14-year tenure at the New York State Nurses Association.


On November 9, 2014 CPT Estacy Porter was recognized as a Garifuna Veteran at the Garifuna Veterans of America Core Values Award. She was recognized for her sacrifice and service to this great nation. She received a citation from the New York State Assembly for outstanding citizen, one who is worthy of the esteem of both the Community and the great State of New York. Additionally, she received two citations from the City Council for an outstanding citizen, one who is worthy of the esteem of both community and the great City of New York.

CPT Porter, is originally from Bronx, New York and has been serving in the United States Army for 19 years. She recently relocated to Binghamton from Columbus , Georgia with her four children and was selected by the Army to attend Binghamton University's Post-Masters Community Health Nurse Practitioner and DNP program.


Important Notice

The following change in the Application Deadline for all Graduate Programs of DSON.

These changes apply to all masters, DNP and post-graduate certificate applications!


Fall Admission

Spring Admission


February 15 for full consideration; later applications considered if space available October 15, later if space available


February 15 for full consideration; later applications considered if space available October 15, later if space available



Important Notice

To the Decker School of Nursing's Community of Interest, including all nursing students and alumni, School of Nursing Faculty, Clinical Preceptors of post-masters and DNP students, faculty of Binghamton University, and supporters of the Decker School of Nursing:

On September 17, 18 and 19, 2014, the Post-Masters certificate programs and DNP Program will be undergoing an accreditation review by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). We are requested by the CCNE to provide our "Community of Interest" an opportunity to submit third-party comments to the CCNE prior to their visit to the school. All comments will be treated with the strictest of confidentiality and anonymity. Your comments will not be seen by any of the School of Nursing's administrators or faculty.

All comments should be submitted in writing, signed, and mailed to:

Catherine Sneed
Accreditation Coordinator
Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
1 DuPont Circle NW, Suite 530
Washington, DC 20036

All comments will be accepted by CCNE until August 15, 2014. We thank you for your support in helping us to achieve CCNE accreditation for the Post-Masters, and DNP Program.

Last Updated: 4/27/15