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General Questions

Do you have an on-line program?

Decker does not have an on-line program. However, some courses are offered on-line.

Do the clinical courses require travel?

We offer clinical practice locally in Binghamton and Johnson City, but also areas that include Syracuse, Elmira, and Sayre, PA. Other areas can also be included. All students are required to travel outside of Binghamton for clinical, and are responsible for their own transportation. Many students carpool to clinical sites.

When do my nursing courses begin?

Nursing courses can begin after the prerequisites are complete. In the traditional and RN to BS programs, the nursing courses begin in the fall semester. In the Baccalaureate Accelerated Track, the nursing courses begin in the summer session.

Does the Decker School of Nursing have simulation equipment?

Yes. Decker has both Sim Man and Sim Baby equipment. These high tech devices are used for clinical instruction at Decker's Innovative Technologies Center.

Can I make an appointment to speak with a Decker School of Nursing advisor?

Prospective students can make an appointment to speak with a nursing advisor. Appointments can be in person or by phone. Please call the Decker Student Services office to schedule an appointment at 607-777-4954.

Who can answer my financial aid questions?

Students can obtain information at

Does the Decker School of Nursing offer any scholarships?

Yes. Information is available on the Decker web site.

Do I need to take CPR to be a nursing student?

Decker requires the professional rescuer level of CPR to be updated annually. CPR is required before students begin taking the nursing courses.

Does the Decker School of Nursing require a special health form prior to taking clinical courses?

Decker requires students to complete a health form that is also accepted for Binghamton University Health Services requirements. Students submit the original to Decker and a copy to Binghamton University Health Services.

What is credit by exam?

Examples of credit by exam are AP credit, CLEP exams, and Excelsior College Exams. Credit by exam can be awarded as transfer credit. Students should discuss credit by exam options with a nursing advisor.


Transfer Questions

When should I apply?

The Decker School of Nursing accepts transfer junior-status students in the fall only. It is recommended that students apply early in the fall semester for admission to the class that would be starting the following fall semester. Baccalaureate Accelerated Track (BAT) applicants must apply by November 15 for admission to the class that would be starting the following summer. Admission to the Decker School of Nursing for RN to BS students is either fall or spring semesters.

How do I apply?

Prospective students go to the undergraduate admissions web page at Students applying to the Baccalaureate Accelerated Tract (BAT) should refer to the DSON web site for additional application materials required:

When will I be notified about the admission decision?

Most students are notified during January – March.

What types of transfer programs are available?

Traditional transfer (part-time or full-time), RN to BS (part-time, full-time, and one year accelerated), and Baccalaureate Accelerated Track (BAT).

How do I know if my courses will transfer?

Admitted students receive a transfer credit evaluation. Prospective students can contact Decker School of Nursing Student Services for specific questions regarding courses.

Can an advisor evaluate my transcript(s) prior to application?

Prospective students can request a transfer credit evaluation. Processing time may take several weeks. Requests should be faxed or mailed along with the form available here: The address and phone number are available on this form.

Is it better to take my prerequisites at Binghamton University, or take them elsewhere?

The courses needed and the time frame desired for completion may influence this decision. Students should discuss options with a nursing advisor.

What is the minimum acceptable grade for a prerequisite course?


Does Decker accept transfer students in the sophomore or junior year?

Transfer students can be accepted into the sophomore or junior year of the nursing curriculum.

Are there forms to use for letters of recommendation to submit with the application?

No. Letters of recommendation should be submitted on letterhead or standard stationary.

Can I begin in the spring semester?

Students are admitted to the fall semester (and BAT students begin in the summer). Nursing courses begin in the fall semester for traditional and RN-to-BS students. RN-to-BS students may inquire about starting in a spring semester as non-matriculated students.

What is the minimum GPA that is required for transfer applicant consideration?

Students need at least a 3.0 GPA for consideration.

Can I get credit for my LPN program?

Decker does not grant credit for LPN programs. However, if the student received college credit for any portion of the LPN program, transfer credit will be considered.


Prerequisite Course Questions

What are the prerequisite courses?
  • Two composition courses
  • Statistics
  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II
  • Microbiology
  • General Chemistry I and II
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
Do all of my prerequisites need to be complete prior to application?


Do all of my prerequisites need to be complete prior to taking any nursing courses?


Can I take any prerequisites concurrently with my nursing courses? (only RN's)

All prerequisites must be complete prior to taking nursing courses with some exceptions in the RN to BS program (see the RN to BS Program Questions).

What types of chemistry courses will transfer for the two prerequisites?

First chemistry course: General Chemistry I (inorganic)

Second chemistry course: General Chemistry II (inorganic) or Organic Chemistry or Organic/Biochemistry

Prospective students can contact Decker Student Services with questions regarding chemistry courses.

What types of courses will transfer for developmental psychology?

Course titles include Developmental Psychology, Human Development and Child Psychology. Prospective students can contact Decker Student Services regarding other possible courses.

What types of courses will transfer for the two composition courses?

Courses such as English Composition and Freshman English will transfer. Other courses that required at least 20 pages of writing, even if not taught by the English Department, may qualify for composition. Documentation is required. A letter from the instructor or a course syllabus is acceptable.

Can calculus transfer in place of the statistics prerequisite?


Will statistics courses taught through a psychology department, biology department, social science department, or business department transfer?

Yes, quite often. Decker advisors may need to review a course description.

Can I take prerequisites at a community college?

Yes. Contact the Decker School of Nursing if you are unsure of the transferability of the course.

Does Decker accept on-line courses?

Yes. Contact the Decker School of Nursing if you are unsure of the transferability of the course.

How old can my transfer courses be?

The science courses need to be taken within the 10 years prior to admission. This includes anatomy and physiology I and II, microbiology, and general chemistry I and II. Other courses can be older than 10 years. Science courses can be accepted if successfully completed more than 10 years prior to admission--if the student is working in a field where they are applying that science.


General Education Course Questions

What are General Education courses?

Students must complete Binghamton University's comprehensive General Education curriculum. Information is available online at

What's the minimum acceptable grade in general education courses?

Grades of D are acceptable for general education if the course is taken at BU. Transfer courses must have a grade of at least C- for the credit to transfer.

When do I need to have my general education courses completed?

Gen Ed must be completed by the time students graduate. Students usually complete most gen ed courses prior to the junior year.

Do students who already have a bachelor's degree in another field prior to entering the undergraduate nursing program need to take general education courses?

No. They are exempt.


Baccalaureate Accelerated Track (BAT) Program Questions

When does the BAT program begin?

The BAT program begins in the summer session in late May.

How long does it take to complete the BAT program?

12 months.

What GPA is required for admission to the BAT program?

An overall GPA of a least 3.0 is required for consideration. Also, an average of at least 3.0 in the prerequisite courses is required.

I have taken a nursing research course. Can it transfer for the NURS 360 course?

No. However, students will be offered the opportunity to test out of the course.

I have taken a nutrition course. Can it transfer for the Nursing elective requirement?

Once admitted, students may submit a petition to the Educational Policies Committee, along with a course syllabus, for consideration.

Is the BAT program the only program option for students who have a bachelor's degree in another field?

No. Students may also enroll in the traditional program (two years to complete the nursing courses) or attend part-time.


RN to BS Program Questions

How long will it take me to complete my degree?

Once the prerequisites are complete, most students complete the nursing courses in two years. However, students in the accelerated RN program can complete in one year and part-time students can complete in 3 or more years.

Does Decker have an accelerated option for the RN to BS program?

Yes. Students can complete their nursing courses in two semesters (fall and spring) or three semesters (summer, fall, and spring).

Do I need to have all of the prerequisite courses complete before I begin the nursing courses?

Students may take CHEM I prior to or concurrently with NURS 351, CHEM 2 prior to or concurrently with NURS 361, and Statistics prior to or concurrently with NURS 360. All other prerequisites must be complete prior to taking any nursing courses.

I partially completed an associate's degree in nursing. Will Decker transfer any of my nursing courses?

Nursing courses will transfer only if the associate's degree in nursing was completed, and if the student has their RN license.


Intra-University Transfer Questions

How do I apply to the Decker School of Nursing if I am already a Binghamton University student in another program?

There are applications available on the admissions web page.
Click here:

When are the application deadlines?

March 15 is the deadline for fall admission.

What is the minimum GPA for consideration to transfer to Decker?


Are there any IUT advisement/informational meetings?

If you are a Binghamton University student who is interested in an Intra-University Transfer (IUT) to the Decker School of Nursing, you are invited to attend one of our weekly meetings. You will learn valuable information about the nursing program, requirements for admission, how to apply, prerequisite course information, and guidance with schedule planning. Once you have attended a meeting, individual advising is available by appointment.

When will I be notified about the admission decision?

Applicants for fall are notified in June.

Since I cannot register for my junior level nursing courses until I have been admitted to Decker, and since I will not have an admission decision until June, what courses will I choose for the fall semester?

Students awaiting a fall semester admission decision are advised to register for courses toward their alternated degree program, should they not be admitted to nursing. Once admitted, students can revise their schedule with nursing courses just prior to classes starting in the fall. Students can seek assistance from the Decker Undergraduate Program office, AB 112.


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