DSON Undergraduate Degree Programs

Decker School of Nursing has the following Bachelor of Science degree programs (all programs require 128 credits):

Traditional Program – Enter the program as a freshman.

Transfer Program – Students enter the program with sophomore or junior standing.

Intra-University Transfer Program

General Education courses are waived for students entering our program with a B.S. or B.A. in another field.

BAT ProgramThe Baccalaureate Accelerated Track is designed for students with a BS/BA in another field and all prerequisites complete. In this program students complete nursing courses in a concentrated curriculum of one year (summer, winter, fall, & spring). General Education courses are waived.

RN Program – Students in this program are registered nurses desiring a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. In addition students enrolled in this program will be in possession of an associate's degree in nursing prior to enrollment. Two year and three year curriculum plans are available.

RAT Program – Registered Nurse Accelerated Track Program is designed for licensed registered nurses in possession of an associate's degree in nursing. Students must have all coursework complete except required nursing courses. Students wishing to enroll in this program must have at least one year of work experience as an RN prior to entering this program. Two and three semester curriculum plans are available.

Forensic Health Minor enhances the knowledge of students who are planning for careers in which they may have victims and/or perpetrators of violence and crime in their client population.

Last Updated: 4/28/16