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Nursing education advanced certificate

The Advanced Certificate in Nursing Education Program is designed for:

  1. nurses with a master's degree in nursing who seek advanced preparation as nurse educator or
  2. currently enrolled master's in nursing students who are completing the nurse educator functional role.

This program encompasses current technological trends while preparing students for the role of nurse educator to teach at both the undergraduate and graduate nursing degree levels.  

It is expected that students have an area of expertise in nursing from which to base their teaching. Post-master's students already possess an area of expertise or specialization, while students enrolled in one of Decker's master's programs will develop knowledge and skills in community health, family health or adult-gerontological health nursing (depending on which program they have selected). 


Below is a sample curriculum plan for the Advanced Certificate in Nursing Education Program. Students are encouraged to review the University Bulletin for more information, or contact the Decker graduate/advising office.


  • Currently enrolled master's in nursing students pursuing the nurse educator functional role may choose to complete the Advanced Certificate in Nursing Education by completing one additional four-credit course (NURS 558) in addition to the three required role courses (NURS 556, NURS 557 and NURS 590). 
  • Nurse educator role courses must be taken in sequence with the exception of NURS 558.

NURS 556: Functional Role I, Nurse Educator, Educational Philosophy and Curriculum Development 

4 credits: 3 didactic and 1 practicum

NURS 557: Functional Role II, Nurse Educator, Teaching Methods and Strategies

4 credits: 3 didactic and 1 practicum

NURS 590: Functional Role III, Nurse Educator, Educational Issues and Roles

4 credits: 1 didactic and 3 credits clinical/teaching practicum

NURS 558: Information and Educational Technology in Nursing Education

4 credits: 2 didactic and 2 practicum



Admissions information and how to apply

Information on admissions, financial aid, housing, program costs and visiting Binghamton University's campus is presented on the Graduate School website.

Complete instructions for applying to a certificate program at Binghamton University are available on the Graduate School's how to apply webpage. If you have questions regarding application submission, contact the Graduate School at 607–777–2151 or

Last Updated: 2/28/17