The Kresge Center for Nursing Research (KCNR) serves as the main research resource for faculty and students in the Decker School of Nursing. The accomplishments of the Center for Nursing Research of the Decker School of Nursing garnered the attention of the Kresge Foundation which, in 1997, named and generously endowed the Decker School of Nursing Roger L. and Mary F. Kresge Center for Nursing Research.


The mission of the Kresge Center for Nursing Research is to support scientific inquiry and scholarly works for the expansion of the knowledge base of nursing and health care. The Center is able to further its mission by facilitating faculty research, conducting collaborative research with community agencies, as well as interdisciplinary research , supporting student research, generating proposals seeking extramural funding, and providing consultative assistance to faculty and doctoral students in several aspects of proposal development and grant implementation.


In 2008, the Decker School of Nursing undertook strategic planning for the next five years. The overall GOAL is to promote research and scholarship.

The OBJECTIVES are organized in relation to Binghamton University's mission of discovery, education and engagement.

  • Develop the resources of the Kresge Center with staff and technology to assist faculty and students in all aspects of research.
  • Recruit one new faculty per year with an established research agenda.
  • Increase sponsored research activity by governmental granting agencies and other extramural funding sources.
  • Increase the number of faculty who are principal investigators on at least one externally funded research project.
  • Increase grant submissions and faculty publications.
  • Provide tenure track faculty with an intramural and /or extramural mentor.
  • Support PhD students' efforts to publish in refereed journals.
  • Increase student participation in research in the graduate program curriculum.
  • Increase faculty-student research collaboration with active involvement in the conduct of studies and in the publication of research findings.
  • Increase multidisciplinary dialogue and opportunities for collaborative research.
  • Increase the number of partnerships between Decker School of Nursing and community agencies and facilities.

Kresge Center Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of the Center include:

  • Ann H. Myers, ScD, RN, Interim Director KCNR
  • Neda Shamsalizadeh, Graduate Assistant

A group of faculty fellows consisting of professors from the Decker School of Nursing as well as from other schools in the University also participate in collaborative research projects at the Kresge Center.

Services Provided by the Kresge Center

Extensive research support is available for all DSON students and faculty.

Available services include:

  • research design
  • methodology
  • statistical analysis
  • editing
  • computer consultation
  • Green Bag luncheons

Last Updated: 3/21/16