Decker School of Nursing

Research Awards and Grants

Community Health Nursing Grant, 2010-13

Serdar Atav, Mary X. Britten, Sharon Bryant, Maureen Daws, Gale Spencer, Fran Srnka-Debnar and Laura Terriquez-Kasey
Sponsored by the Division of Nursing Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Research award: $958,912

Advancing Collaboration, Pedagogy, Adaptive Infrastructure and the Science through the Interdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Program (ITURP), 2010-11

Geraldine Britton, Gary James, Steven Lynn and Sean McKitrick
Sponsored by Binghamton University's Academic Program and Faculty Development Fund
Research award: $43,575

Broome County Community Health Assessment, 2010-13, 2008-09

Yvonne Johnston
Sponsored by the Broome County Health Department
Total award: $26,450

Last Updated: 2/28/17