Because EAP services are voluntary, you must initiate first contact. You can do that by connecting with the Employee Assistance Program office by phone at 607-777-6655 to schedule an appointment. 

How It Works

Once you contact EAP, here is what generally happens (since every situation is unique, this process will vary to meet individual needs):

  • You make an appointment (appointments required, see below) to meet with a coordinator in the EAP office (LSG-673) or on the phone to discuss your problem or concern.
  • You and your EAP coordinator will clarify and assess your situation and discuss resources and referral options. Your coordinator will recommend various plans of action and make appropriate referrals.
  • With EAP’s support, you are responsible for contacting the provider to whom you’ve been referred and making an appointment.
  • Your coordinator will ask for a follow up contact or appointment with you to find out how satisfied you are with the referral or to recommend an alternate course of action if necessary.

Appointments Required

EAP uses an appointment-based system to ensure confidentiality, allow adequate time for a comprehensive needs assessment and provide equal access to services for all members of the University workforce and their dependents. Please make an appointment to visit with an EAP coordinator.

Supervisor/Manager Referral

University supervisors and managers may refer employees to EAP; however, acceptance of a supervisory referral by an employee is strictly voluntary and won’t alter an employee’s responsibility to improve work performance.

Last Updated: 10/17/16