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Employee Assistance Program Orientation – Do you have new employees in your department? Could your colleagues or staff use a reminder of what EAP is and how to access this confidential benefit? Upon request, the employee assistance professionals at Binghamton University can provide a brief onsite orientation of services at staff and departmental meetings. The EAP can also customize workshops to address a department’s or work group’s professional needs (i.e. Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, and Grief Support). Contact the EAP office at eap@binghamton.edu or call #777-6655 to schedule an appointment.


January 2017


Eating on the Go

Title: Eating right on the go!

Date: 3 part series staff support- January 18, 24, and February 1, 2017

Time: 12-1:00pm

Place: University Union room UUW325 (January 18 and 24) and UUW324 (February 1)

Presenters: EAP Staff

Join us for an interactive peer-led session to learn strategies for creating healthy and inexpensive meals. Each session will be based on the book “Dr. Ann’s Eat Right for Life: On the Go”. Every participant will be provided a book to use during the series. Participants that attend all three sessions will receive an insulated lunch bag!  Bring your own lunch as we meet. Please register at http://uctd.binghamton.edu by clicking the “register for workshops” link.


Generations in the Workplace

Title: Generations in the Workplace sponsored by EAP and Binghamton University Human Resources

Date: January 11, 2017

Time: 12:00-1:30pm

Place: UUW 324

Presenters: Alison Gierlach, Manager of Professional Employment, Meaghan Bensley,Instructional Support Assistant and EAP Staff.

Much like a family, our workplace is represented by multiple ages and generations. Come learn more about characteristics, strategies and generally how to understand our multigenerational workforce here at Binghamton University at this session. Co-sponsored by the Employee Assistance Program and Human Resources, this workshop will help you understand the values and strengths in each generation in order to build a framework for success and collaboration. Please register at http://uctd.binghamton.edu by clicking the “register for workshops” link.


February 2017


Romantic Relationships: Conflict Resolution and Providing (and Asking for) Support

Date: February 13, 2017

Time: 12:00-1:00

Place: University Union UUW324

Presenter: Dr. Richard Mattson, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies in Psychology, Associate Professor

Title: Romantic Relationships: Conflict Resolution and Providing (and Asking for) Support

 A large body of research demonstrates that satisfying relationships are better at managing conflict. The solicitation and provision of support in times of stress is also shown to be critical to relationship outcomes and individual wellbeing.  This talk will cover what research has shown regarding the role of specific communication patterns for better or worse during times of conflict or stress. Dr. Mattson will also discuss common strategies found in validated interventions targeting communication between partners. Please register at http://uctd.binghamton.edu by clicking the “register for workshops” link.


March 2017


Anxiety and Depression 101 with Dr. Nina Flanagan

Title: Anxiety and Depression 101 with Dr. Nina Flanagan

Date: March 29, 2017


Place:University Union UUW325

Presenter: Dr. Nina Flanagan, Ph.D, GNP-BC, APMH-BC, Associate Professor of Nursing, Decker School of Nursing

As a nurse practitioner and an educator, Dr. Flanangan has experience treating individuals with Anxiety and Depression. During her talk she will focus on the common experience that  people feel. Losing a loved one, a job and other difficult situations that can lead to feeling sad, nervous or anxious. How do you cope with these feelings? This presentation will discuss anxiety and depression signs and symptoms, coping mechanisms and current treatment options. It will not take the place of visiting your health care provider but may provide some food for thought. Time will be allotted for questions and answers. Please join us for this discussion by visiting the link  http://uctd.binghamton.edu and click  the “register for workshops” section.


Supervisory Training:Navigating the Tough Issues

Date: March 28, 2017

Time: 10:00-12:30am

Place: University Union-UU122

Presenters: EAP Staff

EAP Supervisory Training: Navigating the Tough Issues

If you are a new (or seasoned) supervisor and would like to know how the Employee Assistance program can assist you in your supervisory duties, this workshop will provide an overview of the Binghamton University EAP program and how best to make an appropriate referral. Did you know that on average, 25%-40% of a manager’s time is spent on workplace conflicts? EAP is an effective resource to help in these situations. Topics of discussion will include identifying your responsibilities as they relate to performance management, work- place documentation and the positive use of EAP as a supervisory tool. All faculty and staff are welcome to attend. Please register at http://uctd.binghamton.edu by clicking the “register for workshops” link.


April 2017


 EAP/Health and Wellness Studies Workshops.

 A Two Part Series.

Date: Tuesday, April 4 and Tuesday, April 25.

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

Place: University Union UUW 324

Presenter: Matthew Gowers,CPT, CWC, CTC, MBA, Health and Wellness Studies Instructor

Body Alignment, Body Control, and Proper Footwear

This seminar will take employees through the healthy importance of proper body alignment, control, and footwear. In addition to  how all components of the feet, hips, and shoulders interact with each other throughout the kinetic chain.  Health and Wellness Instructor Matthew Gowers will head up this talk. To register for this workshop visit http://uctd. Binghamton.edu and click on the “register for workshops” link.


Too Much, Too Soon... Motivation for starting, or continuing a fitness routine.

This seminar will take employees through the importance of understanding their motivation triggers and how to start and maintain a healthy fitness routine to avoid burnout. Matt Gowers will be leading this workshop for faculty and staff. If you would like to sign up please visit http://uctd.binghamton.edu and click on the “register for workshops” link.


Fad Diets vs. Mindful Eating: Who Wins?

Title: Fad Diets vs. Mindful Eating:Who Wins?

Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

Place: University Union UUW325

Presenter: Registered Dietitian, Julie Lee, MS, RD, CDN, Binghamton Dining Services

Julie Lee is a Registered Dietitian working for Binghamton University since August 2016.  Prior to coming to campus, she worked in several areas including long-term care, oncology, weight management and most recently for a bariatric surgery program.  Join Julie as she explores the concept of Mindful Eating and what research has to say about its effectiveness in weight loss/maintenance.  Julie will also review the signs of fad diets to help you spot them in the future as well as the pros and cons of some of the most popular diets of today including Paleo, gluten-free, Shakeology, MyFitnessPal and more…To join us for this workshop visit the University Training and Development site http://www.binghamton.edu/uctd/ and click on the “register for workshops” section.

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