Binghamton University Employee Assistance Program Webinars

Online seminars are aimed at increasing access to on-campus EAP workshops for current and retired Binghamton University employees and their families who are unable to attend in person. All Binghamton University EAP online seminars are the property of Binghamton University and cannot be duplicated, re-distributed or broadcast without specific, written permission from all necessary parties.

Session #1: Nutrition and Weight Management

This hour-long online seminar is designed to challenge the way we think about nutrition and weight management. Before we can nourish ourselves with food, we need to develop an understanding of our body, the food we eat and the relationship between the two. This program explores why we like the foods we like, why diets do not work and the importance of focusing on health rather than body weight. Join Health & Wellness Studies Lecturer Jennifer Wegmann in exploring this fascinating topic.

Session #2: Components of the American Diet in Relation to Health and Disease

During this second session of our three-part series, Binghamton University Adjunct Lecturer and Researcher Dr. Lina Begdache shares research about components of the American diet that induce inflammation, promote weight gain and increase the risk of chronic diseases. In addition, Dr. Begdache addresses dietary components missing from the American diet that contribute to these conditions. 

Session #3:  Maximizing Mealtime Nutrition and Metabolism

This final seminar in our three part nutrition series discusses practical approaches to improve nutrient intake over the course of the day for you and your family. Health & Wellness Studies Lecturer Sarah Thompson shares meal plan ideas, strategies for eating on the go and dietary suggestions to boost your metabolism. Come explore how easy planning a well-balance meal can be!

Last Updated: 1/6/17