Frequently Asked Questions for ACCELERATED STUDENTS

We have created this FAQ section for students interested in our accelerated program in electrical and computer engineering. Feel free to browse through them, and if you don't find the answer to your question, contact us.

 Which courses should an Accelerated student take in their senior year?

This is our web site's information about the Accelerated Program. The 2nd paragraph tells about taking up to 3 graduate courses during your senior year that can be counted for both your undergraduate and graduate requirements.

When you graduate, you will fill out a Proposed Course of Study form that will show what you completed to receive your master's degree. This form will help you as you are registering for be sure you are taking what you need to take.

This is a link to our graduate forms.
You will fill out the Master of Science-Electrical Engineering.

If you have specific questions after you have checked out the information at the sources listed above, please contact the Graduate Director

When you are ready to register for your 500 level classes, please e-mail the CRN, course names and numbers to the ECE graduate secretary and you will be registered.

 I am a senior in the Accelerated Program. How do submit my formal application to the Graduate School?

How to apply to an accelerated degree program.

The link above will give you details about how to do your application to the Graduate School.  After you have paid your application fee, your name will show in the department's electronic application screen. 

After a decision is entered by the Graduate Director, a link to confirm that you will be attending Graduate School will be sent to you in the Spring of your senior year.

If you are an international student the Graduate School may send you an e-mail requiring financial information before your application will be ready for a decision to be entered. 

Registration: New graduate students don't have a "ticket time" until almost the beginning of the semester. When you know the courses you would like to take, you may e-mail the department secretary with your B# and the CRNs of the courses you would like to be registered in.

Why did I receive an e-mail from the Graduate School about a $100 deposit for enrollment?

Accelerated students should have their tuition deposit waived.  The tuition deposit tells the Graduate School you are planning to come and it is required for applicants other than Accelerated students. For an Accelerated student to confirm that they are coming, there will be a link from the Graduate School that will come in the e-mail you receive to a confirmation web page. Accelerated students should not receive information from the Graduate School about paying their tuition deposit. If you do, contact the ECE secretary.

I am an ECE junior and I would like to apply for the Accelerated Program. What should I do?

Fill out the "Application for Accelerated BS/MS Engineering" form.  This form can be found here.

Two signatures of ECE professors who are recommending you are required on the form if your GPA is below 3.5.

 I am an accelerated student who has recently been accepted into the Graduate School. Registration is open but it won't let me register. What should I do?

The first semester an accelerated student is accepted into Graduate School, the student is looked at in the electronic system as a "new" student rather than a "continuing" student and the system won't let you register. E-mail the ECE secretary or visit the office in your spring semester during open registration
so you will be registered for the fall ECE classes during early registration. This way you will have your choice of classes and not risk having a class be full when you try to register at your given "ticket time".

Please provide the secretary with the ECE course numbers and CRNs of the ECE courses you would like to take along with your B number and full name.

 I am an accelerated undergraduate student ready to register for graduate classes. Which technical electives are preapproved to be counted toward my bachelors degree as well as my masters degree?

Any 500-level course, ones for which you have the prerequisites. Good ones are the courses that are cross-listed as both 400-level and 500-level, although you can take 500-level courses that are not cross-listed as long as you have the prerequisites.

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Last Updated: 3/15/16