Watson School Of Engineering 



Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of the five department within the Watson School of Engineering. Our department is in the Engineering and Science building (ES) at the Innovative Technology Center (ITC). The ITC is across Murray Hill Road from the main campus. Some of our labs and classes are in the Engineering Building (EB) on the main campus. Other labs are in the library. This video shows a combination of all of the Watson Departments. The ECE segment shows Jack Lanchantin speaking and Rupert Wade working in the background of the LNG111 lab in Library Ground North.



Directions To Our Department

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department is located in the Engineering and Science Building in the Innovative Technology Complex. The department is in the 2300 suite of the Engineering and Science(ES) Building. There is an ITC Shuttle bus that run periodically to ITC (Click here for schedule). Below is a video representation of the walking directions to our department.  



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Last Updated: 10/29/15