Solar research center names interim director

Prof. Dhakal and Senator GillibrandTara P. Dhakal has been appointed interim director of the Center for Autonomous Solar Power (CASP), part of Binghamton University’s Center of Excellence.

Dhakal, who holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Florida, joined CASP in 2010 as a research scientist. He’s now an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Binghamton. He is pictured here with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Dhakal’s research focuses on thin film inorganic and organic solar devices. Dhakal succeeds Charles R. Westgate, who recently retired. Bahgat Sammakia, vice president for research, is the director of the Center of Excellence in Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging (S3IP).

“I look forward to working with Tara to advance our research into low-cost solar cells and flexible solar devices,” Sammakia said. “Our search for a permanent full-time center director will continue this year.”

Last Updated: 11/30/15