Passion for Computers Fuels the Dreams of this Researcher

Alexander Volynkin

Alexander MS in CS, Binghamton, 2003
PhD in EE, Binghamton, 2003
Senior Software Engineer, BitArmor Systems

Alexander Volynkin attended Binghamton University from 2001 to 2007, receiving his MS in Computer Science and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science.

As an MS student, he was actively involved in the research of applying the theory of support vector machines to detection and classification of nerve agents. After gaining initial experience in research and software development, he focused on his long-time passion: research in information security.

In 2003, he decided to pursue a PhD in electrical engineering in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Binghamton University's Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science. His PhD studies covered a wide range of information security areas including computer software and hardware security, network security and intrusion detection systems. Under the guidance of Dr. Victor Skormin, distinguished professor of electrical engineering, and with support from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, he has developed novel methods for detection of previously unknown malicious software, organized a new laboratory for information security analysis and research (LISAR) and participated in developing the foundation for future network security initiatives within the ECE department and Center for Advanced Information Technologies.

His active research experience in the area of computer security and outstanding examples of teaching demonstrated by the ECE faculty inspired him to design and introduce a new course in computer software security – Computer Malware Internals. During his PhD studies, Volynkin received multiple awards and recognition, including the Best Paper Award (IEEE), outstanding academic achievements in graduate studies and 1st place at the Pitney Bowes Network Security competition.

His passion continued after graduation. He is currently a senior software engineer at BitArmor Systems, developing core software technologies for enterprise data management and security. He also serves on the advisory board of the Center for Advanced Information Technologies, ECE department, and the program committee of the annual Information Assurance Workshop at the United States Military Academy.

His experience studying, conducting research, collaborating and teaching at Binghamton University has proven to be invaluable in all aspects of his professional career.

Last Updated: 1/7/14