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Victor Skormin

Distinguished Service Professor

PhD - Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Moscow, Russia

Office Location: ES-2316
(607) 777-4013


Research/Teaching Focus:  (Video)

Modern control theory and applications (motion control, pointing-acquisition-tracking systems in laser communication, novel robotics-based gimbals systems, high-performance hybrid laser positioning systems); computer network/information security (biological approach to system information security, detection of self-replication in malicious codes, immunocomputing); mathematical modeling and system optimization; technical diagnostics system

Skormin receives NSF grant to open BU laser communications lab

Watson Research Awards 2013-2014:
Dr. Victor Skormin, Research Support for Bolashak Program, JSC Center for
International Programs.

Professor Skormin has published many books related to his discipline.



Unmasking hacking

Professor Skormin researches patterns in computer-system activity in order to detect attacks before they happen.



Computer engineer devises novel way to detect hackers

Professor Skormin's doctoral student, Patricia Moat, researches innovative methods for detecting hackers.

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