Dixit, Rahul

Dixit, Rahul with his Poster.Poster of Dixit, Rahul.

A Waveguiding Overlayer for Optical Interconnects with Integrated Source, Detector and External Coupling
Rahul Dixit and David Klotzkin

Continually increasing bandwidth requirements have driven semiconductor manufactures to explore techniques to integrate optical interconnects, whose enormous bandwidth and high speed is very attractive. New technologies need to be developed in order to integrate optical waveguides into this semiconductor environment. This proposal develops technology for optical interconnection on Si including: high density interconnects with low loss right angle bends, grating couplers fabricated with conventional lithographic techniques, and spot-size-converted output tapers to make the high index waveguide coupler more readily to the optical fiber. The project will demonstrate realization of high-density interconnects using right-angle bends based on reflectors, rather than total internal reflection, and coupling of sources and detectors to and from the waveguide. These technologies will be realized without used of serial e-beam patterning.

Last Updated: 1/7/14