Pourhomayoun, Mohammad

Pourhomayoun, Mohammad with his poster.Poster of Pourhomayoun, Mohammad.

Generally speaking, I am working on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and its applications such as Data Compression in Wireless Networks. The following poster talks about Data Compression methods I have applied to reduce the amount of data transmission in wireless networks. I have chosen a method named SVD (Singular Value Decomposition) truncation to compress the data before transmission. The simulation results show the high performance of the proposed method in compression and de-noising of this type pf data in the system. Currently, I am working on Medical Sensor Networks applications like Tumor Positioning used in Radiotherapy and Medical Implant Localization systems used in Capsule Endoscopy and Telesurgery. In addition, I am also working on Indoor Mobile Positioning Systems which is a very popular topic nowadays that has received increasing attention recently.

Last Updated: 1/7/14