Extra Faculty Office Hours for Spring 2014 Blocked Courses

Extra office hours will be posted when early registration begins. The Registrar's office will determine when that will be. It is usually at the beginning of November. The web pages below will be updated as the information becomes available.

Extra times have been added to faculty members' regular office hours calendars that begin April 8 and end May 10, 2013.  This is to help students during early registration.  One junior class (ECE 301) and a senior class (ECE 487) will only be registered after you have seen your advisor with your blocked class form.

Advisor's names that begin with A-F office hours 

Advisor's names that begin with G-R office hours

Advisor's names that begin with S-Z office hours

Take the blocked course form and your DARS with you when you meet with your advisor.  The blocked course form will be on our forms web page during early registration.

Appointments must be made 24 hours in advance.

For Professor Nikulin, please visit this web page and sign up for open advising slots no later than the night before your desired appointment time and send the Professor an e-mail.

To schedule a time other than during these hours, please e-mail the professor

Last Updated: 2/3/14