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In Watson Capstone Projects, senior ECE and ME students spend two semesters applying their technical knowledge and creative minds to real engineering problems.

Students work on Project I in cooperation with local industry, other external clients, and university sponsored projects — outlining specifications, proposals, time schedules, and paper designs. Teams meet periodically with their client to review designs, provide written and oral progress reports, and eventually give a final presentation at the culmination of the semester. Evaluation is based on individual and team performance.

The second semester of Capstone Projects is a continuation of Project I. Project II asks students to fabricate and test a prototype. Teams then deliver a demonstration and documentation of the functioning system to their client. Evaluation based on individual and team performance.

Our W. S. Capstone Labs provide development facilities for the Watson Capstone Projects teams. Our students work in the following labs:

The Projects Lab has a diverse array of benchtop equipment, which is assigned to individual teams as needed. The Tech Lab has a 3D digitizer, two 3-D printers, and several surface-mount technology soldering systems, which are used by multiple teams. The Vehicle Lab has innumerable automotive tools, including a TIG welder, and is home to the Supermileage and MiniBaja Improvement project teams. The Special Projects Lab is currently home to our Rube Goldberg Machine, Robotic Gadgetry, Power of Play, and Battery Powered Go-kart project teams.

What is Watson Capstone Project? These videos will help explain a little bit of what we do.


These students worked directly with local businesses and now their projects are on permanent display


These projects are all related to energy, a big category for our Capstone Projects


These students all used a form of solar energy in their projects


These projects are designed to enhance security techniques


These projects were designed for entertainment purposes


These projects are practical solutions and enhancements to everyday problems and situations


These projects are all methods of producing alternative fuel sources

Last Updated: 9/6/16