Job Market Candidates 2015-2016

Placement Director
Ritam Chaurey
Phone: 607-777-4702 


Shunan Zhao

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Job Market Paper: "Efficiency and Productivity of U.S. Coal-Burning Power Plants: A Semiparametric Approach" 
References: Subal Kumbhakar (Chair), Neha Khanna, Florenz Plassmann, Susan Wolcott (Teaching)
Research Interests: Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Portrait of Man Jin

Man Jin

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Job Market Paper: "Financial Constraints and Firm's Productivity: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing" 
References: Barry Jones (Chair), Subal Kumbhakar, Wei Xiao Research Interests: Financial Economics, Monetary Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Portrait of Marlon Tracey

Marlon Tracey

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Job Market Paper: "Does Father Visitation Affect Child Health? The Role of Baby Looks and Maternal Earnings" 
References: Solomon Polachek (Chair and Teaching), Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, Subal Kumbhakar
Research Interests: Education and Labor Market Outcomes, Health Economics, Analysis of Public Programs

Portrait of Yangyan Ji

Yangyang Ji

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Job Market Paper: "Instability of Sunspot Equilibria in Real Business Cycle Models under Infinite Horizon Learning"
References: Wei Xiao (Chair), Christopher L. Hanes, Barry E. Jones, Andreas Duus Pape, Damayanti Ghosh
Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, International Trade

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