We help new students transition to college

The Engineering Design Division first-year engineering program is designed to assist first-year students in the crucial transition from high school to college.  The program integrates engineering fundamentals and engineering communications in a year-long program that includes two hands-on engineering projects in the fall semester in the required Introduction to Engineering Design and Engineering Communications I courses, and a semester long engineering design project in Introduction to Engineering Analysis and Engineering Communications II in the spring semester.

The first-year engineering program at Binghamton University is unique in its design to integrate the many components that ensure the success and employability of our students.  The engineering design projects that students work on throughout the year focus on fostering life-long learning and success skills needed in engineering: engineering fundamentals and communication, team work, project and time management, open-ended problem solving, cutting-edge research, and making a difference in the global community.  The projects are designed to take students from following directions and performing analysis, through creative redesign, ending with an open-ended engineering design project of the student teams' choice.  Binghamton University has many global connections and projects taking place around the world.

The first-year engineering program is designed to give individual attention to students through small classes and labs.  The large lecture is designed to expose students to the different engineering disciplines offered in The Watson School through presentations by faculty from those departments and opportunities to meet with individual faculty as the student makes a decision about their engineering major. The large lecture also focuses on engineering fundamentals theory in support of the engineering projects.  The lecture offers opportunities to students to meet Engineering Industrial leaders from the community and other areas of the United States and the world to talk with students about real-world applications and skills needed in today's workforce. 

Here is a chart showing the organization of the Engineering Design Division program.    

Finally, towards the end of the spring semester students declare which discipline of engineering they will enter -- Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Industrial and Systems Engineering.

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Last Updated: 8/29/16