The 2016 Binghamton University John Gardner Fiction Book Award

Lindsey Drager for The Sorrow Proper

from Dzanc  Books


Judge: Emily R. Vogel

"The subject matter of Drager's novel is something that is of critical importance in contemporary society. In a world where the printed word is in dire jeopardy of becoming obsolete, "The Sorrow Proper" responds to this concern in an eloquent and compelling way. Drager's prose and plot line are unique and almost demand that you red this novel in one sitting. A successful take on what it is coming to mean to live in a predominately digital world."


Gardner Award Finalists for 2016 (in alphabetical order):

Chris Belden, Shriver (Rain Mountain Press)

Matt Burriesci, Nonprofit (New Issues)

Melissa DeCarlo, The Art of Crash Landing (Harper Paperbacks)

Last Updated: 9/29/16