CW 360/ENG 594A Writers & Other Artists

Course Description: This course is designed to give students insight into the writing process and the writing life.  Students will have the opportunity to meet and talk informally with each of the writers whose work they will be reading.  

Requirements: This is a two-credit mini-course graded on the Pass/Fail option only for Undergrads, but on the Regular grading option for Graduate Students.  Requirements are as follows:

1. Response Papers & Blackboard: Students are expected to read at least one book by each of the five visiting writers and to prepare a response paper (this semester two alumni authors share the billing on one of our five reading nights; for that event undergrads can choose a book to read by one of the authors; grad students should read one book by each). The response serves two purposes. It helps you to articulate ahead of time some of the issues you would like to discuss with that writer during the class conversations. Certain kinds of discussions are possible only because the writer of the work being discussed is actually there with us but other kinds of discussions are only possible in the absence of the work's creator. As a forum for those other discussions, the class will be will have its own Blackboard website. Students are asked to post a response to each writer, preferably prior to the class conversation, in order that we can all be as ready as possible for that meeting. Further responses and counter-responses are encouraged.    

You may access Blackboard on its website. All duly registered students should have access.

2. Attendance: Students are expected to attend both the evening readings and the morning conversations. If you expect scheduling difficulties in particular instances, discuss these with me ahead of time. Since the visits from the writers constitutes the course content, full attendance is crucial to this class. 

3. Final Project: A final paper (3-5 pages for undergraduate students; 7-10 for graduate students) is due at the last class session. Paper topic must relate to the course but is otherwise open; may concern a single writer, a selection of writers, or a general writing topic that came out of course discussions (and references the semester's readings).

4. Materials required for this course: Choose at least one book by each author. Books will be available at the Campus Bookstore.  There will be a display of these books in the Trade Books section rather than the Text Books section.  Ask at the bookstore if you have difficulty locating them.

5. Registered students should visit the course Blackboard site well ahead of our first visitor to be sure you are clear on all aspects of the class.  Check out Blackboard and then email Prof. Gelineau with any questions. 


Schedule            Class meets ONLY on the following days.  Check Blackboard (not BUBrain) for locations:

2/21  8 p.m. reading  Letitia Moffitt & R. Flowers Rivera  Sci I Rm 149
2/22  9:40 -11:40 a.m.   Class with Moffitt & Rivera LN 1104

2/28  8 p.m. reading  Lindsey Drager   Sci I Rm 149
3/1  9:40 -11:40 a.m.  Class with Drager    LN 1104

3/14  8 p.m. reading  Yusef Komunyakaa   Sci I Rm 149
3/15  9:40 -11:40 a.m.  Class with Komunyakaa LN 1104

3/28  8 p.m. reading  Mermer Blakeslee    Sci I Rm 149
3/29 9:40 -11:40 a.m.  Class with Blakeslee   LN 1104

4/4  8 p.m. reading  Nickole Brown   Sci I Rm 149
4/5  9:40 -11:40 a.m. Class with Brown LN 1104


 LN 1104 is the Grad Lounge at base of Library Tower

Last Updated: 1/26/17