The Patricia Kerr Ross Award

Application Deadline is January 30, 2016

The Thayer Fellowships and the Ross Award are given each year to outstanding candidates for graduation from the State University of New York (SUNY). The purpose of the awards is to serve as a bridge between study at SUNY and a professional career in the creative or performing arts: namely music, theatre, dance, film and video, creative writing, and the visual arts.

The Thayer Fellowship of $7,000 may be given to one individual or divided among two or three outstanding candidates. The Fellow ship selection is based on talent, achievement, and potential as a professional artist. The Ross Award of $1,000 is given annu ally to an individual or divided among two exceptional applicants. The basis for this award is excellence, originality, and promise. The awards are available to seniors and graduate students in the arts who are about to graduate from the University and make a career in the arts. They are not intended for students going on to graduate school.

Application packets are available on line. Only one application is required to be considered for both awards. For additional information, call Joe Hildreth or Carol Donato at 518-320-1376 or send an e-mail to or


Applicants must be currently enrolled as candidates for baccalaureate and/or advanced degree programs in the arts in State University of New York.

The degree must be completed in SUNY. Application must be made in the academic year of graduation.

Students who have returned to the university for advanced study after establishing professional careers in their field are not eligible; the fellowship is intended for those entering a career in the arts for the first time.

Thayer Finalists and Fellows from Binghamton

Encompassing all the SUNYs and CUNYs state-wide, the Thayer and Ross are very competitive awards but Binghamton University students have had a very respectable record of being named Finalists in Writing and over the years we have had at least four Thayer Fellows.

Finalists & Fellows

  • 1990 Phillip Brady, (PhD) Poet --FELLOW
  • 1993 Nancy McKinley, (PhD) Fiction Writer -- Finalist
  • 1994 Brian Brennan, (PhD) Poet --Finalist
  • 1995 Christine Gelineau, (PhD) Poet --Finalist*
  • 1997 Anthony Burke Lee, (MA) Fiction Writer -- FELLOW
  • 2002 Maggie Blackshear (Undergrad) Fiction Writer -- Finalist & Winner of the Patricia Kerr Ross Award from the NY State foundation for the Arts
  • 2003 Chad Davidson, (PhD) Poet -- FELLOW
  • 2008 Deborah Poe, (PhD) Poet/Fiction Writer--FELLOW
*in 1995, the entire screening panel voted independently for the same two writers; since one was a poet and one a fiction writer, they decided to send both on as finalists. Both were from BU. Alas, I can remember my own name but not that of the fiction writer. I would be very grateful to have that, or any other missing or incorrect information filled in. Please send corrections and additions to And my apologies for any oversights.



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