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Professor Emeritus, English Department

Ph.D., Indiana University, 1971
tel.: 607-772-0830
fax.: 607-777-2408 
curriculum vitae: see Professor Bidney's website

Areas of Interest

Literary epiphanies: structure and implications
Literature and psychology
International Romanticism and its consequences
Anglophone and European literature 19th and 20th centuries

Books and Recent Articles

Patterns of Epiphany: From Wordsworth to Tolstoy, Pater, and Barrett Browning (Southern Illinois UP, 1997).
Blake and Goethe: Psychology, Ontology, Imagination (U of Missouri P, 1988).
"Epiphany in Autobiography: The Quantum Changes of Dostoevsky 
and Tolstoy," Journal of Clinical Psychology (May 2004).
"War of the Winds: Shelley, Hardy, and Harold Bloom," Victorian
Poetry (summer 2003).
"Slowed-Down Time and the Fear of History: The Medievalist Visions of William Blake and William Morris," Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies (fall-winter 2002).
"The Secretive-Playful Epiphanies of Robert Frost: Solitude,
Companionship, and the Ambivalent Imagination," Papers on
Language and Literature (summer 2002).
"`Controlled Panic': Mastering the Terrors of Dissolution and
Isolation in Elizabeth Bishop's Epiphanies," Style (fall 2000).
"Andreas-Salomé's Devil and Lermontov's Demon," Seminar: A
Journal of Germanic Studies (winter 2000).
"Failed Verticals, Fatal Horizontals, Unreachable Circles of
Light: Philip Larkin's Epiphanies," in Wim Tigges, ed., 
Moments of Moment (Rodopi P, 1999).
"Life is a Dream and the Challenge of `Saint Buddha': Bal'mont's
Calderónian Crisis and Its Nietzschean Resolution," Slavic
and East European Journal (spring 1998).
Curriculum Vitae


Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1979-80

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