Photo of Joseph Church


Associate Professor, English Department

Ph.D., University of California, Irvine, 1986
tel.: 607-777-2534
fax.: 607-777-2408 

Areas of Interest

19th Century American Literature 
Literature, Philosophy, and Psychology

Current Projects

A book on 18th and 19th century influences on modern cultural studies

Books and Recent Articles

"Excellent People': Naturalism, Egotism, and the Teaching of Crane's Maggie." In American Literary Naturalism (2007) 
"A Problem of Conception and Creation in Hawthorne's 'The Artist of the Beautiful'" in The Nathaniel Hawthorne Review 
"An Abuse of Art in Chopin's The Awakening" in American Literary Realism 
" 'To Make Venus Vanish': Misogyny as Motive in Poe's 'Murders in the Rue Morgue'" in American Transcendental Quarterly 
Transcendent Daughters in Jewett's Country of the Pointed Firs 
"In Black and White: The Reader's Part in Chesnutt's 'Gray Wolf's Ha'nt" in American Transcendental Quarterly 
"Reading, Writing, and the Risk of Entanglement in Crane's 'Octopush,'" in Studies in Short Fiction 
"Romantic Flight in Jewett's 'White Heron'" Studies in American Fiction

Recent Courses Taught

19c American Transcendentalism and Asian Religions 
Visions of Reality in 19c American Literature 
Hawthorne and Twain 
Existential Issues 
American Literature to 1920 
19th Century American Fiction 
Literature & Psychology 

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