Photo of Monika Mehta


Associate Professor, English Department

Ph.D., Comparative Literature with specialization in Film
and Feminist Studies, University of Minnesota, 2001
Tel.: 607-777-2318
Fax.: 607-777-2408 
Office: LNG 28

Areas of Interest

New Media & Film Studies
Cinemas in South Asia
Postcolonial Critique
Theories of Nation-State
Globalization, Diaspora and Cultural Production
Contemporary Critical Theory
Feminist and Sexuality Studies


2012 CHOICE award for Outstanding Academic Book

Current Projects

Book Project: Disjunct Economies: Libidinal and Material Investments in Bombay Cinema, which explores how processes which go under the name of ‘globalization' have reconfigured relations among Bombay cinema, the Indian state, and Indian diasporic communities.


Censorship and Sexuality in Bombay Cinema. Austin:  University of Texas Press, December 2011.
Censorship and Sexuality in Bombay Cinema. Delhi:  Permanent Black, January 2012.

Select Articles

Affective Logics:  Re-making Fidelity and Homosociality in Kaante”, Blackwell Companion to Indian Cinema edited by Neepa Majumdar and Ranjani Mazumdar (London: Blackwell) forthcoming.

“Authorizing Gesture in Bombay Cinema”. Film Music in India, edited by Jayson Beaster Jones and Natalie Sarrazin (New York: Routledge), forthcoming.

"Location and Agency in Crafting Habib Faisal's Authorship” Contemporary Bollywood Auteurs, edited by Aysha Viswamohan. (Delhi:  Sage Publications), forthcoming.

“Performing Censorship: The Politics of Postcolonial Exhibition and DVD Distribution,”  Postcolonial Studies Meets Media Studies: Key Concepts, edited by Kai Merten and Luica Kramer (Germany, Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag), forthcoming.

“DVD Compilations: (Re)Shuffling Sound, Stardom and Cinephilia,” South Asian Popular Culture, October 2012. 

Co-Authored Articles

Co-authored with Lisa Patti, “Imagining Virtual Audiences: Digital Distribution, Global Media, and Online Fandom.” From Bollywood to Hallyuwood: Mapping Power and Pleasure Across Pop Empires, edited by Sharon Lee Hejin, Monika Mehta and Robert Ji-Song Ku, forthcoming. 

Edited Works

Sharon Lee Hejin, Monika Mehta and Robert Ji-Song, Ku, From Bollywood to Hallyuwood: Mapping Power and Pleasure Across Pop Empires (under advance contract with University of Hawaii Press)

Monika Mehta & Lisa Patti, co-editors, Special Issue: “DVDs: Transmissions and Translations,” in media res: a media commons project, February 2011,

Video Essay and Assignment

Teaching Hindi Film Song Sequences Video Presentation and Assignment ” in Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier, Issue on “Paratexts and Pedagogy”, edited by Ted Hovet and Lisa Patti, Vol. 1, no. 3 (2013):

Select Conferences

Presenter and Co-organizer. “Politicizing Stardom.” Seminar: Revisiting Politics in Indian Film. American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Harvard University, Boston, MA, March 17-20.

Presenter. “Authorizing Gesture in Bombay Cinema.” Society for Cinema & Media Studies, March 25-29, 2015.

Co-organizer and Presenter. "Tailoring My Name is Khan: The Global Distribution and Adaptation of 'Bollywood' Films.” Popular Culture and World Politics Conference v5.0, Hobart and William Smith, November 9-11, 2012.

Organizer and Presenter. "DVD Compilations of Hindi Film Songs: (Re) Shuffling Sound, Stardom and Cinephilia.” Society for Cinema & Media Studies, March 21-25, 2012, Boston, Massachusetts.

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