Photo of William V. Spanos


Distinguished Professor, English Department

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 1964
tel.: 607-777-2743
fax.: 607-777-2408 

Areas of Interest

Contemporary Theory 
New Americanist Studies 

Current Projects

Infernal Journey: A Memoir of World War II 
A book entitled "Metaphysics Shadow: Thinking and the Political in the Age of the World Picture"


Persophone's Pomegranate:  Fragments of a Greek-American's Journey in the Rift  (Athens:  HESTIA Press, 2009)
American Exceptionalism in the Age of Globalization: The Specter of the Vietnam War (Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 2008) 
Herman Melville and the American Calling: The After Moby-Dock, 1851-1857 (Albany: SUNY Press, 2008) 
The Legacy of Edward Said: A Dialogue (Champagne, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2008) 
The End of Education: Toward Posthumanism (University of Minnesota Press) 
The Errant Art of Moby Dick: the Canon, the Cold War, and the Struggle for American Studies (Duke University Press) 
Heidegger and Criticism: Retrieving the Cultural Politics of Destruction (University of Minnesota Press) 
America's Shadow: An Anatomy of Empire (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2000)

Recent Articles and Essays

"Eis tin polis:  boundary crossings, 1969-1970," in boundary 2 (2008)
"American Exceptionism, the Jeremiad, and the Frontier:  From the Puritan to the Neo-Con Man, in Boundry 2: an international journal of literature and culture (2007)
"Who Killed Alden Pyle?: Graham Greene's The Quiet American," in Critical Zone 2: A Forum of Chinese and Western Knowledge, ed. Q.S. Tong, Wang Shouren, and Douglass Kerr (University of Hong Kong Press and University of Nanjing Press (2006)
"The Counter-Memory of Postmodernism:  An Interview with William V. Spanos" (conducted by Jeffery Williams, in The Minnesota Review (2006)
"Humanism and the Studia Humanitatis after 9/11:  Rethinking the Anthropologos, in Symploke (2006)
"'Cuvier's Little Bone':  Joseph Buttigieg's Edition of Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notemooks," in Rethinking Marxism (2006)
"Phasiphae's Bull: A Memoir," in Harpur Palate (2005)
"Heidegger, Nazism, and the Repressive Hypothesis: The American Appropriation of the Question," in Boundary 2 
"American Studies in the Age of the World Picture" in The Future of American Studies, Duke University Press
"Althusser's 'Problematic' in the Context of the Vietnam War: Towards a Spectral Politics," in Rethinking Marxism 
"Heidegger's Parmenides: Greek Modernity and the Classical Legacy" in Modern Greek Studies

Recent Courses Taught

Heidegger and Arendt 
Culture and Colonization 
The Idea of the Classic 
America in the 60's 
Postmodern Theory 
Marx, Heidegger, Derrida: The Question of the Imperial Representing Vietnam 
The Globalization of American Culture

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