The English Department Internship Program

What a student will do with their degree in English after graduation is often the source of comedians' jokes, parents' concern, and students' confusion but in fact employers know that the ability to think analytically and express yourself lucidly are eminently marketable skills.  Contrary to popular opinion, the options for graduates with a degree in English are various and many. You may well be surprised at the range and variety of career fields that welcome prospective hires with the demonstrated ability to analyze, organize, and clearly express their ideas in writing.  (Need a bit more of a pep talk on that topic?  See "Yes, I'm An English Major. No, I Will Not Be Working at McDonalds." )

Or perhaps you're already well aware of the value of your skills and have set clear goals for your future but now you're looking for a way to enhance your resume and give yourself that step up in the search for your first job?

Either way, Rhet 495 The English Department Internship Program could be among the most important classes of your academic career, providing you with practical knowledge, "real world" experience, and invaluable contacts.

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 For internships in the Binghamton area during the Fall or Spring Semesters, you apply first to the RHET program and the program will help to facilitate a placement for you.  Click on "Students" listed under "Internships" on the left hand tool bar on this page to learn more and to access an application.


is March 21, 2017.
Read over the site for application information, and, if need be, contact Prof. Gelineau with any additional questions. 



Summer and Winter Term interns must find their own placements and apply to RHET 495 to receive university credit for the internship they have found. 

Tips on finding internships and securing housing are available on this site. There is a Student Affairs Internship Fund through which qualified students may receive $500 to $5,000 to defray the cost of pursuing an unpaid internship. Currently matriculated Binghamton University undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who have been offered an unpaid full- or part-time internship are eligible to apply.  Visit this page for further information. 

 To begin exploring the rest of the site pages, click on "Students" listed under "Internships" on the left hand tool bar on this page .

There is no specific cut-off date for qualified majors to apply to Rhet 495 to receive academic credit for a summer or winter term internship but it is simpler to make those arrangements before leaving Binghamton for the winter or summer break.  Remember, many desirable internships have early deadlines for applying for their positions so don't delay beginning your search.  Semester break is not too early to begin your search in earnest for summer positions. 



Sponsors interested in offering an internship opportunity to English majors can find basic information about our program by clicking on Sponsors on the left navigation bar, and then contacting Christine Gelineau, the program director.

Note to International Students:

 If you are an international student in F-1 or J-1 status, be sure to check with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services to see if employment authorization is required for your internship. International students who begin internships without first receiving this written authorization from the ISSS will be in violation of federal immigration regulations. Protect your valid visa status.

Last Updated: 3/2/17