Your letter is an important component of the intern's final assessment. Students are graded on a pass/fail basis based on the combined results of the final project and your letter of evaluation.

We do not require you to complete any kind of evaluation form. We reason that, if things have gone as we all have envisioned, then you will already be writing a letter of recommendation for the student's career development credentials file. This way, you can compose the two similar letters at once, which we hope will make for an efficient use of your time.

The letter does not need to be long but should include a synopsis of the types of responsibilities the intern worked on at your site and your honest appraisal of those efforts.

You will receive a reminder letter in the mail about the evaluation, but in general terms, evaluations for fall interns will be due the first week of December, for spring interns the first week of May, and for summer interns the first week of August.

Evaluation letters should be mailed to:

Dr. Christine Gelineau


Binghamton University

P.O. Box 6000

Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

It is important that the words "English Department" appear in the address; there are a number of internship programs on campus and without the department on the envelope, your letter could easily be misdirected for some time.

We appreciate your promptness in mailing out the evaluations. Students whose evaluations are outstanding will temporarily receive a grade of Incomplete, which is particularly problematic for graduating seniors.

Last Updated: 7/27/16