Broome Community College Transfer Planning Guide For Students Wishing to Major in English

The English department at Binghamton University offers six majors (or “concentrations”). Students can choose from the following:

  • Major in English Literature
  • Major in English: Concentration in Global Culture
  • Major in English: Concentration in Creative Writing
  • Major in English: Concentration in Creative Writing and Global Culture
  • Major in English: Concentration in Rhetoric
  • Major in English: Concentration in Rhetoric and Global Culture

All of the six concentrations share four core requirements:

  • One course in British Literature to 1660
  • One course in British Literature 1660-1900
  • One course in American Literature to 1920
  • One course in literary theory and criticism

In addition, three of the six concentrations (English Literature, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric) require a Shakespeare course.

Most community colleges offer English Literature I and II courses that can fill the first two core requirements, as well as an American Literature I course to meet the third requirement. Most community colleges offer a Shakespeare course to meet the Shakespeare requirement, and some also offer a literary theory course for the theory requirement.

The three concentrations focusing on Global Culture share additional core requirements
(Binghamton courses fulfilling these requirements are listed on the department’s website):

  • One course in Globalization and Culture
  • One course on Contestations of Nation in Literature and Culture (CNLC)
  • One course in Global Cultural Productions (GCP)

All six concentrations require English electives, most of which are upper-level (numbered 300 or above).

For further information on required courses and electives, see the English Major Checklist.

Broome Community College – English at Binghamton University p.2

Recommended Transfer Equivalencies from Broome Community College

  • LIT 210: Studies in United States Literature I (BU—ENG 270: American Literature to 1920)
  • LIT 214: Studies in British Literature I (BU—ENG 227: British Literature I)
  • LIT 215: Studies in British Literature II (BU—ENG 228: British Literature II)
  • LIT 235: Shakespeare (BU—ENG 245: Shakespeare)

Numerous 200-level courses taken at Broome can be used as electives at BU. Other courses from Broome may be approved for transfer on a case-by-case basis. All transferred courses must have a letter grade of C- or better.

General Education and the Harpur College Writing Requirement

Numerous courses in the English major will help you complete the Humanities (H) requirement and the Composition (C), Oral Communication (O), or Joint Composition/Oral Communication (J) requirements. We recommend completing other General Education requirements before transferring to Binghamton.

While completing the English major you will automatically complete the Writing Requirement. Students may transfer in a maximum of one composition course (C) and two writing (W) courses.

Review frequently-asked questions.

Download the most recent Gen Ed checklist.

If you have any questions about the English major, please contact:

Prof. Robert Micklus
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of English
Library North (LN) Room 1149

Please note: This transfer guide outlines a plan of study that allows for efficient completion of the bachelor's degree program with full recognition of transfer credit equivalencies. Admission to Binghamton University is very competitive and satisfactory completion of equivalent courses or an associates degree is not a guarantee of admission.

Last Updated: 7/27/16