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Looking for a common denominator in this year's TEDxBinghamtonUniversity line-up? Our speakers are all changing up the game in their respective fields! Whether it’s the pursuit of happiness, creating a change in society, learning to combat our implicit biases, visiting the world's most unknown countries, looking past the typical assumptions of schooling, seeing beyond our immediate line of vision or highlighting the positives in our day — our speakers are breaking the boundaries of ordinary!

So this year's overarching theme? All of the TEDxBinghamtonUniversity 2017 speakers are thinking outside of the box and looking beyond the canvas!

Come be enlightened, inspired and entertained at TEDxBinghamtonUniversity: Beyond the Can

TEDxBinghamtonUniversity is SA chartered and is presented by:

  • The Office of Vice Presidents for Student Affairs and for Research
  • Deans of Harpur College of Arts and Sciences, the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Graduate School of Education
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  • The Student Association’s Financial Committee
  • The Convocations Committee
  • Off Campus College Council
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Philosophy, Politics and Law Program
  • Executive Master of Science in Health Systems – Manhattan Program
  • Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development
  • The Alumni Association
  • Sodexo 

Special thanks to:

  • Education Club
  • SASE
  • Imagination Craft Works
  • New Student Programs
  • Public Speaking Lab
  • Anderson Center staff
  • Office of Marketing and Communications
  • TEDx volunteers
  • Black Dance Repertoire
  • Ascend


Elaine Lee is a senior majoring in accounting. She has been involved with TEDxBinghamtonUniversity since her sophomore year at Binghamton. Her past experiences include volunteering at the Food Co-Op, being a tutor at Free English University and working as a finance office assistant. In her free time, she enjoys eating doughnuts, reading and studying American Sign Language. Upon graduation, she will intern with a public accounting firm in the financial services industry before returning to Binghamton for her master’s degree.

Kyrin Pollock is a junior majoring in biomedical engineering. Last year, she was selected as the TEDxBinghamtonUniversity student speaker and is returning this year as an organizer. In addition to TEDx, Pollock is also an intern for President Harvey Stenger's Road Map Team and a Zurack Scholar in the School of Management. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and cooking. 

Jasmine Teu is a junior majoring in accounting with a concentration in marketing. This is her first year as an organizer for TEDxBinghamtonUniversity. In addition to being a TEDxBinghamton organizer, Teu is currently an educator for the Alcohol and Other Drugs Office and a member of the Level I Student Conduct Board. In her free time, she likes growing watermelons and playing video games. After graduation, Teu will pursue a career in public accounting, specifically in media and entertainment industries.

Daniel Pressman is a junior majoring in English and psychology, in addition to designing his own educational studies major through the Individualized Major Program. This is his first year as an organizer for TEDxBinghamtonUniversity. Pressman is also vice president of the Education Club, heavily involved on the Education Minor Steering Committee, a student leader for the BU/UE Lounge as well as as a certified personal trainer and fitness assistant on campus at the Recreation Center at the East Gym. After graduation, Pressman plans to travel before working in self-directed learning-based alternative education settings while advocating for the autonomy, freedom and rights of children worldwide.

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