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1 p.m. Sunday, March 20

Anderson Center, Osterhout Concert Theater

Come be enlightened, inspired and entertained by our speakers and The Binghamton Bhangra!
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Mason Wartman

Mason Wartman

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, Rosa's Pizza

“Improving your community through focus and persistence”
Dr. Samar Habib

Samar Habib

Writer, researcher and scholar of gender and sexuality in the Arab world

“Let the scholar speak, even if it scares you”
Kyrin Pollock and Matthew Gill

Kyrin Pollock and Matthew Gill

Enhance VR, Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science undergraduate students

“The reality of virtual reality”
Dr. Ellen Stofan

Ellen Stofan

NASA chief scientist

“Are we alone?”
Akili Tommasino

Akili Tommasino

Curatorial assistant at the MoMA, emerging artist advocate and scholar of the avant-garde

“Get high [culture]”
Melissa Frascella

Melissa Frascella ’11

Manager of U.S. accounts at Medikidz, public health advocate

“Defying the constraints of ‘supposed to’”
Bakari Kitwana

Bakari Kitwana

Journalist, activist and co-founder of the 2004 National Hip-Hop Political Convention

“The Ferguson Effect”
binghamton bhangra

Binghamton Bhangra

Performing at intermission