The infusion of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the university community is among the top strategic priorities at Binghamton University.  As the institution seeks to expand the number of inclusion trainers, faculty, staff and other professionals who work with diverse populations and/or are charged with creating diversity programs are encouraged to attend UDiversity, a two-day train-the-trainer conference exploring  Intergroup Dialogue (IGD), a diversity, equity and inclusion training model.

All workshops in this train-the-trainer conference seek to provide participants with a fundamental knowledge of cultural competency training and tangible experience using IGD. Conference participants can expect to:

  • Explore their own cultural competence,
  • Expand their skill set in presenting culturally inclusive material
  • Develop activities and programs designed to increase awareness of difference
  • Gain resources to explore IGD as a model in your department/home campus

As Binghamton University seeks to implement Intergroup Dialogue into its educational pedagogy, we invite professionals from across New York to join us and help forge a think tank of inclusion professionals to create an educational curriculum for diversity and inclusion across the region. This conference is a first step in creating new models for diversity learning and encourages cultural competency as a professional skill set.

UDiversity conference is provided in part by a grant from State University of New York ODEI, Binghamton University Office of the Provost and Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Last Updated: 2/17/17