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Alumni Stacey Daniel

On the Fast Track!

Perhaps calling Stacey Daniel driven is an understatement. A 2004 graduate of Binghamton, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law (PPL) and master’s degree in the Philosophy Graduate Program in Social, Political, Ethical, and Legal Philosophy (SPEL) – in just four years.

Stacey Daniel completed two degrees in four years at Binghamton University, then went straight through Fordham Law School. Immediately upon graduating, she began work as a real estate associate with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, the firm she clerked with during the summer.

At a crossroads of sorts as she wrapped up her bachelor’s degree, Daniel sought guidance from the late Professor John Arthur about whether to continue on for a master’s degree or head directly to law school. “He really influenced me,” she says. “Basically, he said that when I’m on my deathbed, I would remember my last year of college, but not the extra year of practicing law, so I decided not to graduate early and to go on for my master’s.”

Daniel calls herself lucky that she came to Binghamton knowing what she wanted to do. “I did a kind of mini-debate in middle school and my teacher said, ‘You could [be a lawyer],’ and it stuck,” she says. Her decision to become a lawyer was confirmed as soon as she started taking PPL courses. “This is the right fit for me,” she says. “ ... listening to John Arthur talking about the law, arguing about why the laws are on the books ... why some laws work and some don’t ... ” made her choice easy.

“Since my older brother went to Binghamton, I visited and he told me about the PPL program. I came in knowing I wanted to do PPL. The professors are so focused on getting you to think about the social world and how your life can influence politics and the world -- how we structure ourselves the way we do,” says Daniel.

She credits Lisa Tessman, associate professor of philosophy, and her M.A. thesis advisor, Professor Bat-Ami Bar On, for influencing her. “They were so open and welcoming and interested in me and how, and what, I was doing,” she says. They reinforced that “everyone is allowed to express their opinions and we’re allowed to change our minds and think about what we want to pursue in our lives.”

“At Binghamton, I enjoyed myself, studied as hard as I could, and the Philosophy Department was interested in me and what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wasn’t a nameless face,” she says. “Binghamton is a great school and the education I received there was amazing. I even have a cousin there now.”

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Last Updated: 2/16/10