Mid-Graduate Career BU PREP Workshops

Engaging in Community Work

PREP Theme: Engagement

Engaging in community work helps students develop both personally and professionally: they gain critical life skills, self-confidence, and a deeper understanding of the social and environmental issues impacting communities. This workshop features opportunities for getting involved in the local community, including nonprofit work, summer internships, and potential research collaboration with public and private agencies.

Publication Track, Series 1

PREP Theme: Planning, Professionalism

This semester-long program supports students who are interested in publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals. Series 1 acquaints graduate students with the mechanics and strategies for publishing articles and book reviews in peer-reviewed journals. Students will be grouped into research clusters based on their academic interests, and they will meet regularly throughout the semester. Some of their meetings will include faculty from their department. Members of each group will work collaboratively to learn about trends in their field, important journals pertaining to their research, and procedures for submitting a manuscript or book review for publication.

Managing Academic and Professional Relations

PREP Theme: Resilience, Engagement, Professionalism

Clear and effective communication, especially during times of stress, can be as challenging as it is necessary. But good communication skills will help you network successfully, navigate interviews, and get the best advice from advisors. These skills will also help you should there be delays in a project or proposal, or should conflicts arise with an advisor, committee member, or other faculty. Cordial and professional relationships between faculty and students can also reduce your stress level and contribute to the timely completion of your degree. This workshop offers strategies for effective communication and problem resolution, as well as skills for building and sustaining networks among faculty and peers within and outside the university.

Some of the topics addressed in this workshop include:

  • Common mistakes students make when communicating with faculty and advisors
  • How to handle conflict
  • How to choose the right time and right words
  • Knowing what is expected from you and what you should expect from faculty and advisors
  • The difference between a really bad situation and one that is in fact perfectly normal

Grant-Writing Workshop

PREP Theme: Preparation, Professionalization

Grant writing is an important skill if you plan to pursue an academic career or work for local or state governmental agencies, non-profit agencies, and other enterprises. The skills used in successful grant writing can help you not only as you seek external funds to support your projects and dissertation research, but also as you apply for fellowships and scholarships and submit book proposals. This workshop will offer an overview of grant writing, focusing specifically on how best to plan and write successful grant or fellowship proposals. Topics include:

  • Ways to find grants and fellowships
  • The importance of reading the request for proposals (RFP) carefully and repeatedly
  • Keys to writing a competitive grant
  • Basic questions that one must answer to have a complete, coherent grant proposal
  • Time management in writing grant proposals
  • Remaining within the page limit
  • Beginning writing a grant
  • Telling your story effectively and persuasively

Getting Used to Graduate School: The Peer Mentoring Program

PREP Theme: Planning, Resilience, Professionalism

This ongoing program is designed to help new graduate students transition smoothly into graduate life at Binghamton University and to offer more advanced graduate students the opportunity to mentor other students within their discipline.

Peer-mentoring partnerships will be based on similarities in disciplines and interests. New students and leadership volunteers will complete a personal/academic profile, which will be used to pair mentors and mentees together. New mentors will undergo training. Mentors and mentees will meet regularly throughout the semester. We will have continual feedback from both mentors and mentees.

Resume-/Curriculum Vitae-Writing Workshop

PREP Theme: Planning, Professionalism

This workshop introduces students to the basic principles of writing an effective resume or curriculum vitae (CV). It will offer a step-by-step guide for writing the resume or CV, including specific outlines to match students' diverse career paths and academic disciplines. Offered in collaboration with the Career Development Center (CDC).

Cover Letter Workshop

PREP Theme: Planning, Professionalism

A sequel to the Resume-/Curriculum Vitae-Writing Workshop. This workshop describes the mechanics of writing an effective cover letter. It will present the best practices of cover-letter writing, as well as provide examples tailored to meet the needs of students in different disciplines and career paths. Offered in collaboration with the CDC.

Research Ethics and Professional Integrity

PREP Theme: Professionalism

Knowing and understanding the standards of research ethics and professional integrity is imperative for graduate students. In this workshop, students will gain an understanding of ethical issues in academic research, matters relating to conflict of interest, and ownership rights of intellectual property, as well as the full consequences for violating these standards. This workshop will provide a forum for discussing these issues. Specific questions that will be addressed:

  • What are the professional standards of ethics and research integrity at Binghamton University?
  • What constitutes a conflict of interest (COI), and what are the methods of disclosing and reporting potential COIs?
  • What does it mean to protect confidentiality in research?
  • What are the institutional norms for respecting the ownership rights of intellectual property?



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