Above, Dandrielle Lewis, PhD Mathematical Sciences '11, shares her experience with the Co-Teaching Project.

Co-Teaching Project

Made possible by a grant from NSF-AGEP

Binghamton University's Co-Teaching Project is the centerpiece of the NSF-AGEP program at Binghamton University. Participants in the Co-Teaching Project take charge of their own classroom while receiving support from an experienced faculty member.

Often, advanced graduate students in the STEM disciplines do not have opportunities to teach because they receive their primary funding through research grants. Through the Co-Teaching Project, selected students receive a semester of funding that allows them to immerse themselves in teaching. With the support of a faculty mentor, these students design and teach an upper-level course within their discipline. They gain first-hand experience in classroom instruction and management, receive regular feedback from their faculty mentor, and have the opportunity to build collegial relationships with fellow faculty. The Co-Teaching Project introduces students to the professoriate as an attractive alternative to private and government-supported research positions.

Launched in 2009, the Co-Teaching Project is a selective program. Each semester, two AGEP-qualifying students are selected to participate in the Co-Teaching Program.

The Co-Teaching Project supports NSF-AGEP's goal of preparing underrepresented minorities in STEM disciplines for positions in academia.

Apply to the Binghamton University Co-Teaching Project

Download the application. Complete all sections, and return to The Graduate School (AD-134).


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Last Updated: 11/20/15