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GIS Day - November 16, 2016


Why Geography @ Binghamton?

The goals of the Department of Geography are:

  • to provide students quality academic instruction in geography
  • to foster and advance teaching, research and publication in the discipline of geography
  • to provide the expertise of geographers to the community at large so that public and private sector decision makers may enhance the quality of their decisions

Relatively Recent MA Geography Graduates


Class of 2016

Taylor Lange, PhD program, doctoral assistantship in University of Maine School of Economics, in the Ecology and Environmental Science Department.

Norberto Quinones, Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk, VA., environmental analyst.

Tammie Harris, Otsego County, New York, Planner

Yiding Cao, PhD Program, AAIE, Watson School. Binghamton University.

Huiyu Lin, PhD Program, assistantship and full tuition to Kent State University, Geography Department, urban geography-planning and remote sensing.

A.B. Motau, Utility Development Corporation, Nashville, Tennessee, GIS analysts.

Alexander Simmons, "Remote Sensing and GIS Center of Expertise" at CRREL in New Hampshire

Zizwe Grandison, Delaware County Planning, N. Y., planner/GIS.

Brendan McGovern, Programs Coordinator, Geography, Binghamton University.

Cassandra Gascon, Binghamton Transportation Study, transportation planner.

Luis Ortiz, Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission, planner.

Shannon Grumley, Philadelphia Gas Works, GIS Specialist.


Classes of 2014 and 2015

Tito Martinez, City Planner, Assistant Director, Binghamton, NY

Thomas McElhenney, Queens County, NY Museum

Dimka Aleksandrova, The Children’s’ Store, GIS Analyst, Chicago

Guillermo Espinosa, Metropolitan Planning, South Carolina.

Patrick Callahan, Retail Analyst, Dollar Tree, Virginia Beach, VA.

Steve Derzanovich- Retail/Economic Development, Senior Living Communities, Memphis, TN

Mattie Bene, Environmental Scientist, Department of Mines, Botswana and the awarded Graduate PhD Assistantship, Michigan State University

Maureen Gardner, Scientist, O’Brien and Gere Engineering, Assoc.

Leshatho Moshakga, Environmental Scientist, ECOSURV Environmental Consultants, Botswana

Lauren Burns, Planner, Orange County, NY

Heather Priest, NGO Intern, Wyoming

Junjie Ma, Ericsson, Inc., Silicon Valley, CA, GIS Operations.

Fabian Terbeck, PhD student, University of Connecticut (Leipzig U. and second year at BU, urban.

Robert Mansell, NYC Department of Information and Telecommunications, location analysts.

Artur Yakubov, Connexient, GPS-GIS,Manhattan, NY.

Kuan Yang, Queens Economic Development Corporation, Research assistant/GIS Analyst.

Francis Naylor, Pictometry International Corporation, Image Specialist.

Eliot Kershner, JMC Environmental Consultants, Armonk, N. Y.

Dalia Cordova, Pasis Dorado School, Puerto Rico, Teacher.


Class of 2013

Yaron Altman – NYC Department of Conservation

Larysa Berstein- DOT Planner

Patrick Day -City Planner, Massachusetts, then the City of Chicago City Planning

Kevin Olderstein, Locational Analyst, B & J Wholesalers, Massachusetts

Paul Sung-Pyo Park – GIS Specialist, Pictometry International Corporation

Rachel Passer – McFarland-Johnson Engineering Firm Binghamton, Analyst. Now at University of South Carolina, GIS Center, GIS-Health Analyst, 2014.

Jarvis Rojas, Macy’s Department Stores, selected for Executive Training Program

Ana Sanchez, Flagship Fellow, University of Maryland PhD Program, urban-race.

William Talbot - Frontier GeoServices, PA. GIS Analyst

Ruisuo Wang-McFarland-Johnson Engineering Firm, Binghamton, GIS analyst, and recently, ESRI, GIS, CA.

Joon Oh, Research Scientist at the Korean Institute of Technology


Relatively Recent Graduates

Mustafa Yilmaz, Ph.D. Student in Marmara University, Istanbul Turkey Ph.D. Student in Marmara University, Istanbul Turkey.

Sister Sabina Kabuga, Faculty, St Augustine University (Tanzania, Africa)

 Liz (Chi) Li, Graduate work, Louisiana State University

Cheng Fu – PhD program, University of Maryland, GIS and Remote Sensing

Javier Rodriguez-Benitez , Educational Consultant, San Juan, Puerto Rico, now Ed D program, University of Puerto Rico.

Jaime Ratner - Environmental Analyst, US Military—Fort Drum

Sam Asomaning -Graduate student, University of Maine

Jhomo O’Connor - Transportation Planner, NYDOT

Gretchen Elwell - GIS Specialist for MWH Global, an Environmental Engineering Firm

Charles Yorke - completed PHD at UT-San Marcos; tenure track faculty at Murray State, University, KY- GIS

Victoria Ehlen - Corning Enterprises: A Community Development arm of Corning Inc.

Nathaniel Dede-Bamfo - PhD Program, Texas State University, now a full-time employee, GIS Center.

Matt Ryan - Rockland County, New York, Planner

Matt Panfel – International Center of Shopping Centers, New York City, analyst.

Zach Sturm – Discovery Acquisition Services, PA., now at Globe, GIS specialist.

Keyi Hsu – Yang and Partners, NYC, analysts and now in Queens Law School

Jennifer Hinojosa – PhD program, University of Maryland (top 10 Geography PhD programs)

Adam Mathews - PhD, Texas State University, Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University

Yang Bao – PhD program, University of Arizona- ABD

Erika Chin, Ph D program, S. Carolina

Amanda Casares, Booz, Allen Hamilton Engineering Firm, Analyst

Linda Torricelli – National Geographic Society, followed by International Academic Alliance and now Binghamton University

Tasha Hayes, European Tours, European Tour Manager, London

Zach Nersinger, Environmental Planner, Town of Penfield, NY

Mangyao (Margaret) Zhang, PhD program, U. of Connecticut

Roberto Morales – Corporacion Proyecto Enlace de Cano Martin Pena, San Juan, analyst

Esther Ofori – Macy’s, location analyst and strategic planning

Kun Zhang- China-owned GIS Enterprise, Beijing, GIS specialist

Ye Chen – SAIC, Washington, D. C., GIS specialist




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