Graduate Study

Alumni Placement/Outcomes

Classes of 2014 and 2015
  • Tito Martinez, City Planner, Assistant Director, Binghamton, NY
  • Thomas McElhenney, Queens County, NY Museum
  • Dimka Aleksandrova, The Children's' Store, GIS Analyst, Chicago
  • Guillermo Espinosa, Metropolitan Planning, South Carolina.
  • Patrick Callahan, Retail Analyst, Dollar Tree, Virginia Beach, VA.
  • Steve Derzanovich- Retail/Economic Development, Senior Living Communities, Memphis, TN
  • Mattie Bene, Environmental Scientist, Department of Mines, Botswana and the awarded Graduate PhD Assistantship, Michigan State University
  • Maureen Gardner, Scientist, O'Brien and Gere Engineering, Assoc.
  • Leshatho Moshakga, Environmental Scientist, ECOSURV Environmental Consultants, Botswana
  • Lauren Burns, Planner, Orange County, NY
  • Heather Priest, NGO Intern, Wyoming
  • Junjie Ma, Ericsson, Inc., Silicon Valley, CA, GIS Operations.
  • Fabian Terbeck, PhD student, University of Connecticut (Leipzig U. and second year at BU, urban.
  • Robert Mansell, NYC Department of Information and Telecommunications, location analysts.
  • Artur Yakubov, Connexient, GPS-GIS, Manhattan, NY.
  • Kuan Yang, Queens Economic Development Corporation, Research assistant/GIS analyst.
  • Francis Naylor, Pictometry International Corporation, Image Specialist.
  • Eliot Kershner, JMC Environmental Consultants, Armonk, N. Y.


Class of 2013
  • Larysa Berstein- DOT Planner
  • Patrick Day -City Planner, Massachusetts
  • Kevin Olderstein, Locational Analyst, B & J Wholesalers, Massachusetts
  • Paul Sung-Pyo Park – GIS Specialist, Pictometry International Corporation
  • Rachel Passer – McFarland-Johnson Engineering Firm Binghamton, Analyst. Now at University of South Carolina, GIS Center, GIS-Health Analyst, 2014.
  • Jarvis Rojas, Macy's Department Stores, selected for Executive Training Program
  • Ana Sanchez, Flagship Fellow, University of Maryland PhD Program, urban-race.
  • William Talbot - Frontier GeoServices, PA. GIS Analyst
  • Ruisuo Wang-McFarland-Johnson Engineering Firm, Binghamton, GIS analyst, and recently, ESRI, GIS, CA.


Relatively Recent Graduates
  • Mustafa Yilmaz, Ph.D. Student in Marmara University, Istanbul Turkey Ph.D. Student in Marmara University, Istanbul Turkey.
  • Sister Sabina Kabuga, Faculty, St Augustine University (Tanzania, Africa)
  • Liz (Chi) Li, Graduate work, Louisiana State University
  • Cheng Fu – PhD program, University of Maryland, GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Javier Rodriguez-Benitez , Educational Consultant, San Juan, Puerto Rico, now Ed D program, University of Puerto Rico.
  • Jaime Ratner - Environmental Analyst, US Military—Fort Drum
  • Sam Asomaning -Graduate student, University of Maine
  • Jhomo O'Connor - Transportation Planner, NYDOT
  • Gretchen Elwell - GIS Specialist for MWH Global, an Environmental Engineering Firm

Last Updated: 9/27/16