The Geography Department is interested in the accomplishments of its graduates. Please email Brendan McGovern at to inform us of your personal and/or employment achievements to be included here and in our newsletter.

Alumni Messages:

Shari Glickman BA '06 (
Currently I am a City Planner for the NYC Department of Transportation. I am involved in the development of projects such as CitiField, the new Yankee Stadium and the redevelopment of the NYSE area in Lower Manhattan. I received my Master's in Planning at CUNY Queens College in May, 2008. Prior to receiving my Masters, I was working for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation working on the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site.

Stewart Tick, MA '76 (
I'm currently teaching chemistry and biology at Zion Lutheran Christian School in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Mark Feeney,MA '86 (
a.k.a. “FeenMan”. Hello! Where did the years go? I worked in the GIS software space up, specifically around sales force size and structure, and sales force optimization, up until 2004. For the past 4 years, I have been working as Sr. Director of Field Operations for Qforma, an advanced analytics company based out of Santa Fe, NM. I currently live in the Boston area with my 3 children (2 teenagers!) I fondly remember the Binghamton days and unfortunately, have been out of touch with past classmates (sorry about that!).

Eric Kojo Aikins, MA '03 (
Currently, I am a Social Studies Tutor at Mmethodist High School, Saltpond, Ghana. My contact addressn is Methodist High School, P.O. Box 192, Saltpond, Ghana.

Jon Patno, MA '03 (
I finished my BA in '03, and took a few years to figure my life out. I eventually ended up taking a GIS technician position in Elmira, NY at Weiler Mapping. I worked for about a year doing cadastral mapping (tax parcels). My brother convinced me to move to North Carolina, so I quit my job and went. I ended up with a GIS Technician position at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, NC (1hr SE of Raleigh) I gained amazing experience there touching all aspects of GIS, as well as surveying and mobile GIS. I currently work on Bolling Air Force Base in Washington DC. Working with the military has been an amazing experience, and I would recommend anyone to pursue a GIS career with the military. There are so many ways to apply GIS in the military, and therefore there are tons of jobs out there.

Joe Gaynor, MA '06 (

Hey, fellow graduates! Looks like I'm the first one from '06 to write. I am currently working with the Town of Union Planning Department in Broome County, N.Y. My position is called Community Development Coordinator. I took over full-time in June 2006 for Marina Lane, an '03 graduate from our department, after she took the senior planner position here at the Town. As she stated in her excerpt on this page, the job includes a wide array of duties from GIS to overseeing the funding of different organizations that receive funding from HUD's CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Program. I also get involved with street reconstructions, demolitions and other capital improvements since a large part of the funding for these also come from CDBG. Hope everybody is well. If any of you are ever back at Binghamton, make sure to look me up. Don't forget to come to the Alehouse if you're ever in town, because Mark R. and I will most likely be there for many years to come. I'm so glad I came in with and graduated with the class I did. I don't know if I could have done it with any other one. I had a lot of fun both of my years at BU because IT WASN'T ALWAYS ABOUT WORK. I hope all incoming classes remember that. Thanks and have a good one.

Graduating classes 2001-2005

Evan Kashanian '01 (
I graduated from Binghamton in 2001, with a BA in Urban Planning and wrote my undergraduate thesis on Student Housing and its effects on the City of Binghamton. After graduation, I worked for the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development for three years, working on affordable multi-family new construction projects. I moved on from my city job to work at a private construction and real estate development firm, where I work on the pre-development of projects and am learning construction management, a far cry from what I thought I would be doing when I graduated! I currently reside in Manhattan and wanted to say hello to all my classmates and hope everyone is doing well.

William O'Donnell, MA '01 (william.o'
My big news is that I recently got married to Leanna Hush O'Donnell, who happens to be a land use planner as well. We live and work in Northern Virginia. I am still working as a land use planner for Fairfax County (5 years now) and coordinate several large mixed-use land use projects in the county, which include a transit oriented development near Dulles Airport and a multi-use project in Fair Lakes, Va. It's pretty cool working with private developers and politicians but at times can be very challenging. Leanna keeps me in line....I hope all is well....Billy

Jason Price ‘01 (
Working for and living in the city of Burbank, Calif. It is right next to L.A. and the Hollywood sign but you can't see anything through the smog and hillside forest/brush fires. There is a media district where NBC Studios, Jay Leno, Nickelodeon and others are located. I am an assistant planner in the Transportation Department (all of three people + me). My main focus is planning bike and pedestrian facilities throughout the city. Ironically, I am the only one that rides to work on my bike so the work I do is a good match. My current work involves writing policy for their Pedestrian Master Plan and Mobility Element, siting bike racks and lockers, and convincing Public Works and Traffic Engineering that they can fit in a bike lane if they take a foot or two off each lane. GIS is a tool I have grown used to using frequently as well.

Richard Winkelbauer '01
It's hard to believe that it's been 4 1/2 years since I lived in Binghamton. Time really goes fast! I still live in Austin, Texas, and work for the Lower Colorado River Authority as a senior cartographer. At work I spend most of my time designing posters and working on the map interfaces for various websites (,, When I'm not at work I spend time mountain biking, running, hiking, camping, travelling, etc.

Matthew Berk '02 (
For the past three years I have been working as a land use planner for the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services/Division of Real Estate Services. It is our responsibility to oversee NYC's real estate portfolio. Basically, we sell surplus city-owned property to the public, administer leases on city property and transfer sites to other city agencies. I have been attending the NYU Wagner School of Public Service part time for the last two years and will be getting my master's in urban planning in spring '06. Much thanks to the geography dept. faculty for pointing me in this direction.

Mike Clugston '02 (
Greetings from Delaware County, N.Y.! I've been working as the environmental planner for the Delaware County Planning Department in Delhi for the past three years. It's a good mix of public planning work doing current and comprehensive planning with local towns and villages as well as dealing with NYC watershed issues. Currently, we're finishing the county's All-Hazard Mitigation Plan (see Burrell, hazards!) and working to have all of our local watershed work included in the city's next Filtration Avoidance Determination from EPA. We'll see... On the home front, Tammi is teaching the middle schoolers of Delhi, Trey is 8 and loves school and sports, and our newest - Evan - is 19 months and full of energy (or something). Oh, by the way, Tom Evans unknowingly says hi. He "works for his towns" here as a cenior planner.

Bill Hunter '02 (
I currently live in the Boston area and I am thoroughly enjoying the New England lifestyle. I work as a project manager for TMC Services, Inc. We are a relatively small environmental remediation firm dealing mainly with contaminated soil excavation/disposal, hazardous waste cleanup, pump and tank work as well as emergency response. I'm glad to see that things are running smoothly on the second floor of the Student Wing. Congrats grads and faculty!!!

Brian Kost, MA '02 (
Live in Charleston, S.C. Have lived here for well over five years now. The weather is awesome, but it is very sloooooow and the football fans love college football much more than the NFL, which is a sin. Go Steelers!!! Currently work for a defense contractor (Eagan, McAllister Associates, Inc. ) in support of Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) -- -- ..... Can't really discuss my work specifics but, in general, it entails building GIS systems for Naval activity and supporting other areas in the DOD, DHS and JCS. I want to spread my thanks throughout the Geography Department, especially to the faculty, for all the help and knowledge that led me to this position.

David Logan '02 (
It's been two years and counting already.... I am enjoying the warm African sun in Accra, Ghana, where I work as senior technical advisor for the POLICY Project Ghana. We work with government partners and the NGO groups in developing policies to promote population and sustainable development and use evidence-based data to advocate 'best practices' in the area of family planning/reproductive health and planning. In '03, had the pleasure of visiting the most south western point on the continent of Africa - the Cape of Good Hope - along the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. It was real fun!!!! Best wishes to the faculty and staff and all the graduate students.

Julian Morrison '02 (
Greetings from the Mississippi Gulf Shores! After Binghamton, I lived in Covington, La. where I was a field assistant to geologists for an environmental firm as well as apprenticed with an old-school cartographer making globes. This year I began my current position as a geo-spatial analyst for a mapping firm working on government contracts here at the NASA Stennis Space Center. So far I've been doing sat-photo interp and geo-extraction on Bentley Microstation and will soon start working with ArcMap 9 as well. I've been learning a tremendous amount and wouldn't be here if not for the foundations I got at Binghamton, so to all my professors, thanks, and a big hello to Eugene and Mark.

Eric K. Aikins, MA '03 (
I obtained my MA degree in geography at Binghamton University with cartography, GIS and remote sensing concentrations in 2003. Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My research interests are GIS, remote sensing, population studies, environmental studies, and race and ethnicity studies. Presentations and publication: Socio-demographic Characteristics of the Effects of Urban Housing Density Change in Greensboro, 2006 Race, Ethnicity and Place Conference; Regional and Ethnic Differentials in Child Malnutrition in Ghana, 2004 Race, Ethnicity and Place Conference; PhD dissertation topic: Ethnic Differentials in Urban Housing Density Change in North Carolina, Geography Department, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

SPC Jesse Ayers, Environmental Educator at Large '03 (
Currently, I am mainly tasked to drive an unarmored Humvee through our sector of the Suni Triangle, Iraq. We are primarily here to work with the local Iraqi Civil Defense Corp to foster a safe and secure environment. (One in which you don't get shot at or blown up!) The environmental movement has not even been brought up at my level. But I do what I can to leave no trace. Upon my return to my post in Germany, sometime in early 2005, I plan to coordinate a resource conservation themed multi-stage extreme race on the military post.

Helena He '03 (
Hey, all:) It's good to know your current places. I now live in the Washington, D.C. metro area. I am working as a GIS analyst/programmer in Wyle Laboratories, Acoustic Research & Consulting group. I spend half of the time programming in Visual Basic to develop GIS applications for internal usage, and the other half making thematic maps to support other groups' research and consulting reports. I feel very happy and lucky to utilize what I learned from school in my career. Enjoy your days in Binghamton. It's been wonderful for me and I bet it is wonderful for you! Good luck !!

Alan Belsky '03 (
From 2003-2005, I was in the MA program in geography at the University of Maryland, College Park. I just graduated in May (it feels awesome), and have been working for the Federal Aviation Administration since June. I'm a cartographer in the Aeronautical Charting Office, the branch of the FAA's Air Traffic Organization that creates, corrects, updates and continually publishes new flight maps and aeronautical charts for pilots.

Marina Lane ’03 (
Hello everyone! I'm very happy working at the Town of Union as the Community Development Coordinator, which is an umbrella title for many responsibilities, including all the GIS for Union (which includes Johnson City and Endicott!), and the monitoring and reporting of those organizations that receive HUD funding in the Comm. Dev. Block Grant program. I'm learing alot about community planning too, as the Sr. Planner has been out since before my arrival (and no, I did not scare her off!). It's a pleasure to finally be applying the myriad of skills learned at BU! It's also a pleasure to read how everyone else is doing! Special thanks to all my friends who kindly supported me through the program :-

Merike Treier '03 (
Hi everyone! I am now living and working in Syracuse, N.Y. After graduation, I moved back to Rochester to ride and teach horseback riding lessons, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, it's now time to actually use my degree! I'm working for the Downtown Committee of Syracuse, Inc., as an economic development specialist. The Downtown Committee is a branch of the Metropolitan Development Association, a downtown management association. So far I am enjoying my job. Duties stay the same, but projects change all the time, so it will definitely be exciting and keep me on my toes. If you're really more curious about what I do, you can always e-mail me and I'll explain it in more detail! Hope you're all doing well!

Jennifer Yonkoski '03 (
I am currently employed by the City of Binghamton in their planning department. I was the "planner" for about 1 1/2 years and was recently promoted to "senior planner" in May 2005. I am in the process of rewriting the city's Zoning Ordinance and am involved in lots of different projects keeping me very busy. I got married in September 2004 (I used to be Jennifer Grant.)

David Nelson '04 (
Hi everyone! I am employed as a park planner for Mecklenburg County (Charlotte), N.C. Given the rapid growth in the region, we are in the fortunate position of having significant funds to expend on capital projects. In 2004, the county passed a $54 million bond referendum for park and greenway expansion. With an aggressive spending plan, we hope to advance another bond referendum as early as 2007. My job consists of guiding the development of dozens of parks supported by the past two referendums. This encompasses an array of disciplines including landscape architecture, project management, GIS, land preservation, water quality management and public relations. It has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Joel Plummer ’04 (
I'm a PhD graduate student at the University of Kansas. I currently conduct research as a NASA Fellow through the Center for the Remote Sensing of the Ice Sheets (CReSIS) at KU. My team develops radar systems to measure polar ice sheet thickness and annual ice/snow accumulation rates. For my part, I am developing high-resolution models of the sub-glacial surface beneath selected outlet glaciers in West Greenland. Hopefully, this contributes to a better understanding of ice volume and net mass balance. As an extension of this research, I am heading to Antarctica (Inland WAIS) this winter (Dec. '05/Jan. '06)! Cheers!

Ben Schmitz (
I'm currently working as an instructor for ESRI at its Boston Regional Office. I love the work and the people I get to interact with every day - coworkers and customers alike. I get to travel to various places every so often, and I'm constantly challenged. Definitely a career I'm happy with. I live near Portsmouth, N.H. - a beautiful small city with friendly people and incredible views of the seacoast...but nothing beats Binghamton in the fall.

Keith Smith '04 (
Hi, everyone!  In October 2015, I joined Esri Professional Services as an enterprise consultant.  I live and work in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Karima Legette '05 (ABT '03, BA '01) (
Hello everyone, I am so excited to say that I have finally completed my research and the feeling is almost indescribable! I have been presenting my findings all along the way, but finally in D.C. this November I will get to present my final work.

It was a very challenging task working full time and researching. I advise all of my students NOT to do it the way I did. I am project coordinator of the Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program at BU. I do a great deal of advising, counseling and mentoring. I lead numerous seminars and have taught a couple courses. My job focuses on preparing first-generation undergrads or those underrepresented in graduate school for admission to doctorate programs in their various fields. I have the privilege of interviewing and selecting our scholars, too. I also spend a great deal of time assisting them with their undergraduate research experiences and preparing them for the many conference presentations they make across the country. Days can be very long, we serve more then 50 students each academic year.

People always ask me how I feel my job is related to geography. My answer is that I am an urban geographer, and my research of people and urban cultures, as well as my personal background has allowed a greater understanding of my target students. My students are very tied in to place, and one of my responsibilities is the exposure of their mental maps, or spatial perception to realize the opportunities that exist outside of their imposed boundaries (physically and psychologically).

I have a great time at work! I still plan often, however I allow myself to do so in many more creative ways! Talk to me anytime. Smile: Karima Urban DiVA

Graduating classes 1996-2000

Roger Brown, MA '96 (
Hello - this is Roger Brown (spring '96) officially. I know Burrell and Mark know where I am but I am now a faculty member in the Chemistry and Geology Department/Environmental Science at Columbus State University in Georgia. Got my PhD in 2002 from UT and then bounced around a few years. Think the last person I talked to was Mayo, then I lost him. Hello to Brenna, Chris, Tim, Brad, Mayo, Geddes, Tom, Jim and all. I wonder if Mayo has five kids now.

Robert Leibowitz '97 (
Hi all. After graduating from Binghamton, I attended Georgia Tech and obtained a master's in city planning in '99. I am currently a senior planner in Kingston, N.Y. with the Ulster County Planning Board and Ulster County Transportation Council, working in a variety of land use and GIS capacities. I recently got engaged to Rebecca Moore of Hyde Park, N.Y. and will be getting married in May 2007.

Seth Marcus '97 (
After graduating from SUNY, I received a master's in geography from the University of South Carolina. I work for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington, D.C. as a social science analyst. My division primarily researches the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program; issues such as mobility, housing quality and improving monitoring of housing authorities are hot topics around here. Please visit our clearinghouse at to download some of our publications. I am also serving on the AAG Applied Geography Specialty Group Board of Directors. It was great seeing some of you in Colorado Springs, and I look forward to seeing y'all in Philadelphia (yes, I still have some South Carolina left in me).

Bryan Mangano '98
Hi everyone! I just wanted to announce to everyone that Teresa and I are expecting our first child in June! We don't know what we are having, but we should find out in about 7 weeks! We're thrilled! I hope everyone is doing well. Take care and I hope to speak to you all soon!

Jonathan Hasse '99 (
I am currently an ESRI, Inc employee working on a Department of Defense contract in Anacostia, Washington, DC.

Sean Murphy '99/'01 (
Hello. Since grad school I spent four years doing intermediate GIS work and transportation modeling in purgatory. In 2005, I thoroughly paid my debt to society and abandoned the whole geography track to begin a career with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal. It is a great place to work with a lot of good people, and since I really have no idea what I am doing, the job keeps me on my toes. I have three main jobs at the agency: 1) I am a project manager facilitating the development of affordable housing capital projects through the administration of state and federal funding programs; 2) I am the coordinator of housing for persons with special needs for capital projects; and 3) I am the assistant to the deputy commissioner. I currently reside in Binghamton and Rensselaer, N.Y. (depending on what day of the week it is) and work in Albany. Glad to see everyone's postings on this site.

Blair Tinker '99 ( )
After working for five years at UVA's Geostat Center doing GIS support, I have moved to the San Francisco Bay area with my wife, Mandi, and baby girl, Stella. I am currently working for which distributes remote sensing data via the web and through GIS plugins. My current duties are focused on project management, tech support and sales engineering, but I still get to play with GIS every now and again!

Rick Polk '99 (
Hi all. I am working for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Solid/Hazardous Waste Management as a geologist and geographic information systems coordinator/specialist. After working for some tax mapping and engineering firms, this position is by far the best one to date. TDEC SHWM has tasked me with the development a GIS basically from scratch. Our goal is to be able to model environmental data related to features such as landfills and hazardous spill remediation sites with other related geographic and geologic data and make it available over the Internet. My day is filled with anything from acquiring sources of base layer data to writing GIS software. It was my good fortune to be on the ground level of this GIS effort. After returning to Tennessee in 1999, I met and married a local ER Nurse in 2000. Allyson and I have a son who just recently had his first birthday!

Juan C. Garcia-Ellin '99 (
Hi everybody. Right now I am living in Puerto Rico. I have just been admitted to the doctoral program at UCLA, so I will be a student again in a few months. Hope to see you soon at the next possible conference.

T.J. Sparandara '00 (
After Binghamton, I worked for New York City Parks and Recreation as a project manager, dealing with the design and construction of hundreds of planted traffic triangles in the five boroughs. After two years, in 2002, I enrolled in a master's of architecture (MARCH) program at the Rhode Island School of Design which I will complete in the spring of '05. There is a building here in which I spend most of my time, but it cannot hold a candle to the Student Wing. Best wishes to all faculty, students and alumni.

Elizabeth Fontana '00 (
After five years in Southern California, I recently relocated to the Bay area. After ESRI, I accepted a position as a project manager for a small environmental strategy firm, Project Navigator. We are managing the cleanup of several Superfund sites and also are involved in preparing various benchmarking studies to analyze the performance and metrics of several of our Fortune 500 clients.

Also, apparently Blair Tinker and family recently relocated up here and Blair and I had lunch the other day. Hard to believe that it's been five years! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well!

Joe LaCagnina '00 (
Hi everyone. Great to read that everyone is doing well. I'm working for Giant Food Stores, LLC based in Carlisle, Pa. as a location research analyst. I prepare demographic data, forecast new store sales, monitor competitor movements throughout our operating area (Pa.,Md.,Va. and W.V.). Much of my time in the office is spent creating maps and reports for presentations to the CEO and his staff, while work outside the office has me driving through our markets evaluating locations for new stores. I got married in July 2004, and now live with my wife outside of Harrisburg, Pa.! My best regards to everyone and their families! Keep in touch.

Catherine Leslie (Bujak) '00 (
I currently live in Albany, and work as an environmental planner at Clough Harbour & Associates. I am married to Rob Leslie, a former BU geography student.

Graduating classes 1991-1995

Martin Garnar '93 (
After a two-year stint working in Conklin as the mapping and routing coordinator for a food distributor, I strayed from the geography field and am now a reference librarian at Regis University in Denver, Co. At least I try to make sure our atlas case is well stocked...

Brad J Lagano BA '92, MA '94 ( 
After reading postings by Brenna (yes, I do remember you!) and Mayo, I just had to join the party. I have lived in Charlotte, N.C., for the past 11 years. I started out working for local governments as a planner, GIS specialist, and finally senior planner. In 2000, I joined a wireless telecommunications consulting company as the zoning manager for North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. I've been the project director for the same territory for the past few years. Most recently, I graduated with my MBA from UNC Charlotte. I'm currently engaged to a "southern belle" (Angela) and looking extremely forward to getting married in the spring of 2006 and starting a family. I wish everybody who reads this the best...and remember, the MA class of '94 - we broke the rules and set the good!

Rob Collins, MA '94 (
Hey there. I have recently resurfaced again in Central New York as the OMC project manager for Osmose Utilities Services in East Syracuse. Currently we are about to have our initial launch of the Osmose Mapping Center, an ArcIMS based web-based mapping system for smaller utilities and co-ops throughout the U.S. What a long strange trip it has been. A year ago, I was the GIS consultant for refinery, an interactive advertising firm, where I helped develop a GIS-based Philadelphia Online Interactive Parking Finder for the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Prior to that I spent 2 1/2 years in the Albany area where I developed the bio-security GIS system for the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets, while I was the senior GIS analyst for AMA, a division of SAIC. I even presented at the 2003 Northeast Arcinfo Users Conference in Newport, R.I. - Tom Mayo '95 also presented at that conference. I still pop my head into the Binghamton area quite often (way too often as of late) as I am helping my parents clean out their old house and getting ready to put the house on the market.

Brenna Sterling BA '92, MA '95 (
These last 10 years have passed much too quickly! I am currently working in Ferndale, Wash. (5 minutes from Bellingham) as a GIS specialist for the city. I hope to begin teaching GIS workshops at the local technical college soon. I have been married to John for seven years and have a daughter, Kendra, 4, and a son Trent, 6 months. I do not get back east much these days, but hope to make a trip in 2005. A big hello to anyone who remembers me!

Tom Mayo '95 (
I am married (wife named Sandra) and in the next week or two we will have our third child (one girl, 2 1/2, one boy 1 1/2 and one ???). We currently live in Connecticut where I am employed as the GIS Manager at ECSMarin (a 220-person environmental company with offices throughout New England and Florida). I am also on my town's (Westbrook, Conn.) planning commission where I was appointed to a vacated seat about 9 months ago.

Graduating classes 1986-1990

Steven Cooperman '86 ( Cooperman, vice president of Homeland Security Solutions at Oracle Corporation, is responsible for developing Oracle’s strategy, partnerships and solutions that address the unique needs of the HLS market. Cooperman also represents Oracle in numerous task forces and forums that are establishing policy and technology architecture that will become the foundation for the nation’s Homeland Security IT infrastructure. Cooperman, who began working at Oracle in 1994, previously served as managing director of Oracle’s Spatial Solutions organization, responsible for creating the Oracle Spatial product from its conception to general release. As a result, Oracle became the first, and only, relational database to have the ability to natively store, manage and analyze geographic information.

David Engel '86 (
David finished his PhD at Cornell University and is living in the middle of beautiful Amsterdam with his wife Katja. They are expecting a child at the end of April 2004. (editor's note: David wrote the lyrics to the Binghamton University alma mater.)

Clifford Sears '87 (
I have worked for Sanborn (formerly Lockwood Mapping Company) for the past 14 years. New: Working for Axis Geospatial in Rochester, N.Y. They opened up a starter office here, but have been in business for four years in Easton, Md. The office was opened up this year.

Omie Medford Ryan '87 (
After leaving Binghamton, I spent a year teaching in the Geography Department of Colgate University. Then I moved to New York City to worked for a consulting firm and spent the next two years writing environmental impact statements. Next, I got a dream job with Waterfront Division of the NYC Department of City Planning. I worked for DCP for seven years helping coordinate the coastal zone management program and working on environmental and wetlands issues all over New York City. I am currently on extended leave from professional planning and geography to devote my time to raising my daughter, who is in kindergarten, and my three-year-old son.

John Cirillo '88 (
Resurfaced in Manhattan after 16 years of aimless wandering upon graduating in '88 - MA. Travels took me to Seattle, working for Nordstrom, Dallas, working for JCPenney, and Baltimore. I now work with Lerner New York & Co. a former division of The Limited, as director of real estate. This affords further but more purposeful wandering to identify new store locations for this growing company. Great education, thank you John Frazier, for giving me the encouragement to run down this crazy private sector path.

Steve Fischer '89 (
I have been the GIS manager for the U.S. Department of Transportation Office of Pipeline Safety for the past five years. Starting in November, I am moving to the Office of Pipeline Safety southwest regional office in Houston as a senior program manager. I will remain involved in policy and regulatory development for the National Pipeline Mapping System while assuming new responsibilities for working more closely with our regional offices and the pipeline industry on integrity management related issues.

Graduating classes 1981-1985

Rich Tolley '82 (
I work for Lockheed Martin in Denver, Co., leading our Geospatial-Intelligence Center of Excellence. I must be getting old, as I now have over 20 years of experience in the national and tactical intelligence communities. In 1995, I helped jump-start the commercial remote sensing industry with a "little" venture called "space imaging", where I was responsible for all ground-based hardware and software for the IKONOS imaging system, including the installation, transition and training of all worldwide Regional Affiliate Ground Stations. I served as an adjunct faculty member at both the University of Denver and Metropolitan State College, teaching remote sensing. Debbie and I live in Greenwood Village, Co., and have two sons, Daniel and Michael. Hello to everyone!

Marianne V. Kramer '82 (
Hi all, Thanks for the postcard and I enjoyed your website. As you can see, the card was enticing enough that I checked out the site. I graduated in 1982. I work for the federal government -- still, and am enjoying it -- mostly. My agency has evolved from the original Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) through two mergers and is now the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). We have an open website at which you may find of interest. I am a liaison between my agency and an arm of the Air Force working in high-tech areas. It is very busy. I live in southern Ohio and travel to Washington, D.C. frequently. From the e-mail address you may deduce the five Ohio Kramers are other family members. They are my spouse (Matt) and three offspring Amy (14), Megan (11) and Kelsey (8). Greetings to all!

Paul (Pablo) Garvin '83 ( 
Hi everyone! Upon leaving Binghamton, I did a short stint with the federal government (DMA), and then was hired on as a software engineer (MA in geography?) with Autometric, Inc. We were recently bought out by The Boeing Company, where I currently act as a program manager of a 45-person software development team that produces a collection management suite of tools for the intelligence community (Norah - was that a run-on sentence?). We are always looking for software engineers (C++, java), especially those with a background in imagery science and mapping. I am blessed with a son (Mason) and two stepdaughters (Taylor and Katherine) as a result of my marriage to my wife Karen. I live and work in Northern Virginia, and would love to hear from any old (yes, you are old now) classmates.

Bruce Seelenfreund '83 ( or
I work for the U.S. Department of Interior as the branch chief of the Systems Development Branch, National Business Center. We develop, enhance and maintain large-scale administrative processing systems for numerous governmental agencies. Currently I am coordinating the implementation of NASA and the Department of Transportation into our payroll and personnel system. This system will pay over 250,000 government employees every two weeks. We do mainframe, mid-size Unix and Web p.c. development, cross-servicing many government departments and agencies. I owe my 20 years of application development success to Professor Henry and the Fortran course she taught while I was a graduate student!

My wife Lorie (MA Geology, '83)and I have two children, Eric, 11, and Claire, 9. We still have periodic contact with Burrell and Paul and love visiting friends in upstate New York, especially the Thousand Islands region. Hello John, Lucius and MaryBeth. We miss the old gang but love Denver and Colorado. We have all become avid skiers and enjoy the Rocky Mountains. Planning a winter ski trip? Give us a call. Please target our donation to the Morris and Clara Budin Fund. I will always be indebted to the Geography Dept. and Professor Frazier, et. al. for providing me with the assistantship that allowed me to get my MA. Thanks for the great experiences at B.U.

Jonathan Chandler '85 (
After Binghamton, I got married and moved to Queens. I am back on the Island now, where I was raised, with two kids, a dog, a house and a mini-van. I am currently pursuing my MS in secondary education at Dowling College and hope to teach social studies and earth science in a couple of years. I spend the little free time I have bike riding (30-mile rides every Saturday and Sunday) and learning to sail. I got into bike riding when I used to ride from downtown Binghamton to campus every day (I couldn't afford a car). I always wanted to teach and sail, and after being at work in the city on 9/11, I decided to go for it! My current position (since 1995) involves negotiating and managing supplier contracts for a property manager\developer. The best aspect of my job is that I work two blocks from Central Park and can go for a good walk every day at lunchtime. I have taken numerous business courses and earned certificates in business management and purchasing management from New York University. In addition, I have earned the Certified Purchasing Manager designation from the Institute for Supply Management.

** I have lots of pictures from 1984 and 1985 if any alumni are interested. I posted some of my Binghamton pictures at

Donald Lein '85 (
I currently am employed by Lockheed-Martin and am working with full flight simulators for the Air Force at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, NM. I was recently named Employee of the Year for 2003 based on my contributions to the program. These contributions involved visual and sensor simulations for fixed and rotor wing simulators. The simulators operate in stand-alone operational modes as well as in distributed training modes where database correlation issues arise when trying to ensure that the world representations seen in one simulator matches that seen by other networked simulators located at other facilities across the US. On a personal note, my wife Sarah, daughter Katie, twins Frank & Emily and youngest son Don III are doing great and enjoying life in Albuquerque. Just today, Frank participated in the New Mexico State Geography Bee after having successfully making it through the School Level Bee and State Qualification Bee Test.

Graduating classes 1976-1980

Scott Taylor (
I'm a survey analyst with MSA Consulting, Rancho Mirage, Ca., along with Aaron Werner who is a planner. I also own a small GPS digital cartographic mapping company located in Riverside county Ca. I send all my well wishes to Dr. Butler for enabling me to benefit from his lectures and advise and a big hello to John and Nora.. I've been a land surveyor since 1980 and have been able to work in the Virgin Islands, Ireland, Scotland and California. Sorry to hear though it's Binghamton University and not Harpur.

Mark Davis '76 (
U.S. Department of Labor, Center for Program Planning and Results:Director of the Office of Program Planning -- coordinate and develop agency strategic and performance plans.

Stewart Tick '76 (
I'm currently teaching chemistry at the University School of Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

Robert S. Pace '76 (
Received MA in 1976. I have worked in the federal government and private sector, primarily in the areas of water resources planning and management and environmental resources. Served on staff of Appropriations Committee on Energy and Water Development in the U.S. House of Representatives. I am currently the Chief of the Planning Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Baltimore. We have jurisdiction in the Susquehanna River Basin, and I would like the Corps to do more work in the NYS portion of the basin...particularly ecosystem restoration projects. Hope to stop by department some time soon.

Scott Taylor '77 (
Presently I'm employed as the GPS Surveyor for Global Digi- Tech LLC. which is located in Murrieta, Ca. My duties include all data collection and cartograhic mapping of pipeline as- builts. I use a Topcon Hyper RTK GPS system with TDS data collection software. To produce the maps I use Auto Cad Map 2001 and Arc View GIS. Prior to this position I was employed by Mason Land Surveys, Dunfermline, Scotland as a Project Surveyor on a topographic mapping project in Ireland for a year. The rest of my time since graduation has been spent land surveying in the Virgin Islands and California. I have one daughter, Mahogany Rain who is attending law school at the University of San Francisco.

A Big Hello to Dr. Butler.

Francine Sutton-Berardi '80 (
Currently, I am the Executive Officer of the Stanislaus Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). The procedures for establishing and revising local governmental boundaries are set in the constitutions and laws of the 50 states. Some alternative processes include judicial approval, special state legislation, or the use of "boundary commissions" such as California's local agency formation commissions. LAFCOs were created in 1963 to promote orderly development by discouraging urban sprawl, preserving open-space and agricultural lands and efficiently extending government services. LAFCOs have jurisdiction over all city and special district boundary changes, including annexation, detachment, formation, consolidation, dissolution and the extension of services outside their jurisdictional boundaries. As you can imagine, this balancing act is very challenging in California, especially when our Commission is made up of 2 County Supervisors, 2 City Council Members and a Public Member. Although I am having great fun in my job, I will be retiring on March 29, 2006 and my husband, Wayne, and I have many travel plans, including a trip across the USA sometime in 2006. I will be sure to stop by for a visit. A special "Hello" to Drs. Henry and Frazier.

John Kowalchyk ’80 (
Currently I serve as Broome County NY Commissioner of Public Transportation with over 25 years public service in federal, state, county, town and village government. Completing the MPA Fall 2005.

Graduating classes 1970-1975

Howard Permut '73 (
I have been working almost 25 years with Metro-North Railroad in New York City, the last 14 as Vice President. As someone who enjoys both public service and trains, my job is a joy. I have two great children (Sam, 11 and Sarah, 8) and a loving wife Kate.

Richard E. Weiner '74 (
After graduating in 1974 I tax mapped Delhi County in upstate New York for Stewart Mapping out of Texas. Since 1994 I am a Vice President at Morgan Stanley in the Jericho, New York offices assisting high net worth clients find their way through the investment universe.

Thomas Vacca '74
After the events of 9/11, I was mobilized by the United States Army Reserve for one year. I served at Fort Belvoir and Fort Mead. I retired from Fulton JHS in December, 2001, where I thought earth science and physical science for 27 years. In November, 2003, I retired from the US Army Reserve after serving for 30 years. In the future, I look foward to spending time in the Adirondack Mountains with my grandson.Special Hello to Dr. Hsu.

Patrick J. Brennan ‘75 (
Currently employed as Deputy County Executive with Broome County Government. Currently a graduate student at Binghamton University with 32 credit hours completed in the Master of Public Administration Program and expect completion of the program in the spring of 2006.

Rodney Smith '75 (
I completed my BA in Geography and History in '75, and followed with a MS in Systems Science in '78. Most of my career has been focused in business consulting, where I served as a Partner with the firm of Arthur Andersen LLP. However, I have always maintained my interest in Geography and have managed to build a rather impressive collection of atlases and antique maps (Mercator and Ortelius). Despite my busy business schedule I have continued to conduct research and publish.Currently I am working on a refereed paper involving complex systems modeling and mutual causality, specifically as it relates to potential climate change and its impact on human systems.Big HI to Shin-Yi Hsu!!!

Patrick Brennan '75 (
Currently, I am a graduate student in the Master of Public Administration Program at Binghamton. I have 18 years of public service employment. My past positions include the following:

  • Broome County Government, N.Y., 1985-1996, Deputy Commissioner of Public Works
  • City of Sebastian, Fla., 1997-1998, Public Works Director
  • Village of Endicott, N.Y., 1999-2000, Human Resources Director
  • George Junior Republic Union Free School District, Freeville, N.Y., 2000-2003, Human Resources Director
  • January 2004, back with the Village of Endicott, N.Y. Human Resources Director

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